$1000 a day from CPA Networks and Clickbank with Sherman

$1000 a day from CPA Networks and Clickbank with Sherman /
Email Marketing $2500 in 1 day, $30,000 in 14 days…Really? 2017-02-05T05:53:27+00:00

I thought i write about email marketing today, the benefits and services a work-at-home marketer earning $5,000 – $30,000 a month would use.

  • Doing a mailing for a new launch can net around $5000 profits in 3 days, a typical scenario looks like this. On the 1st day, the sales account will earn $2500, 2nd day $1500, 3rd day$1000, as time progresses and traffic dwindles, commissions slowly dwindle.
  • For marketers with a large mailing list, (500,000 contact list), don't be surprised that they earn $30,000 in 2 weeks. Around 5 email mailings is done within 14 days, emails sent out 2 days apart.

So if you think about email marketing ad a business model in terms of time, its good and almost passive income. Imagine the time we spend uploading photos to facebook, Instagram account, chatting on wechat or whatsapp. That same amount of time can earn a sum of $5000 – $30,000, that is 2 hours work writing 5 emails and scheduling them to be sent out over a period of 2 weeks.

Now that we know that email marketing is knowledge that makes money. How can a person with little programming knowledge do it?

There are 2 ways that I use and both work.

Either the email marketer uses a list manager/SMTP combo, OR he goes with a 3rd party email service provider.


Crazy 2016 flew by… Clickbank, CPA, PPV traffic, PPC Traffic, Native Ads Buy 2016-12-29T04:07:49+00:00

I remember when I first got started in affiliate marketing…back in 2006.

It took me 2 years of testing what really works online before I saw my first $1000 a day, then the flood gates broke open.

Because you would know the products that were converting well, the traffic sources, it wasn't crazy to earn $30,000 a month (PROFITS) from home, spending very little time once the initial framework was up.

Occasionally, hiccups would come in, such as credit card limit being hit. Then I would wake up the next day, check my accounts to see earnings were amiss, and I would run to withdraw $30,000 in cash from DBS bank over the counter, run over to UOB and pay off the credit card bill to keep the ads running. If you read between the lines, the road to getting rich online QUICK isn't about SEO. Its about paid advertising. Understand this, and you will earn $1000s if not $10,000s a month. They don't teach this in the university.

My 2 main interest right now are:

-expand my internet business into physical products sales


Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016…The Next Chapter of Our Lives! 2016-01-03T02:54:34+00:00

Sherman here again, its been some time since I last wrote..

Been busy working on a new project.

While earning 6 figures yearly and not wasting the monies earned on frivolous items, I've been able to amass a significant sum of cash which im now looking to start my personal hedge fund with.

The industry im going into is the Forex industry, dealing with the majors, crosses and 3 commodities namely, Silver, Gold and WTI.

The next step is to build my portfolio because before asking others to invest, a track record must be built.

Too many traders have lied (pardon my french) that they have the required credentials and expertise to trade forex well.

All have been measured and many (99.9%) are left wanting.


Progressing From a 6 Figure Affiliate to 6 Figure Vendor 2014-12-12T03:17:44+00:00

Some thoughts today about affiliate marketing and being a vendor and how the transition was like for me.

I am an apex vendor with clickbank (in layman terms, it means i make  a six figures with the network) so it gives me some insight into this.

If you're an affiliate marketer who wants to become a vendor, i hope this post benefits you.

1.The Most Important Skill an Affiliate Needs To Have

First of all, as an affiliate, most of my work involved searching for traffic online. There are many ways to get traffic and to name a few:

-Search Engines, eg Bing and Adwords


Scaling up Traffic using Multiple Accounts. 2014-11-08T16:48:44+00:00

Multiple laptops allows me to have multiple accounts buying traffic from popular search engines and social networks.

Once I've found a way of spending $8 on traffic to earn $40, that's $32 profit. With this number in my head, that's when I bring out the other laptops to muscle up the traffic.

Each laptop represents a single account. That way, I get to have all my ads in specific web properties that are giving me converting traffic.

So because I'm serving multiple ads, it means I'm getting more clicks for the same price.

It also means I need to create multiple websites because websites that are similar suffer a quality score issue.


2 Quick Tips to Making More Money With Your Ecommerce Business 2014-09-26T05:46:29+00:00

#1 Upsell, that means to introduce more items after the 1st sale.

As an example, a mother who buys baby wipes, would also very likely want to purchase a baby monitor.

While baby wipes are inexpensive at $10, a good baby monitor is around $180.  By packaging items and offering a good deal to the customer, one can quickly and easily triple up that income.

#2 Use words like…

"Killer Sale"

"Shocking Price"


Clickbank invite to Miami 2014-09-05T02:53:55+00:00

Clickbank invites their income producing affiliates, product owners to network with fellow internet entrepreneurs that have achieved income goals on their platform.

It's good to show up in life and at such events because New doors, business relations, opportunities present themselves at such events.

Not to mention the driven people one can meet that will inspire you.

To the top. Sherman

Income Goal – $23900 a month… 2014-07-02T22:06:31+00:00

10 years ago, I recall a conversation with a friend, and a remark he made was, "Sherman, our best chance of having 1 million dollars in our bank account has to be done before the age of 40, before our energy and drive runs out, family commitments come in…"

That memory comes back to me every now and then…

Imagine saving $100,000 a year, then it takes 10 years to save $1 million dollars..

And in order to save $100,000 a year by allocating a sizeable chunk that is 50% of our income, an aspiring 30 year old Singaporean male (a singaporean male's career normally takes off at 30 years of age taking into account National Service and further studies to be competitive in the market place) would need to earn approximately $200,000 if a "comfortable" lifestyle is desired along that journey of having $1million in cash and investments.

How did I come to that figure in my mind?


Stuff You'll Need For Alternative Crypto Currency Mining 2014-01-29T02:59:32+00:00


a) R9 290X Radeon (x 3)

At time of writing, Im able to get 950kh/s – 980kh/s from this video gaming card.

IMPORTANT: Look out for the R9 290X Battlefield 4 edition.

From my tests,   you'll want to get the Battlefield 4 Edition R9 290X Radeon as this is able to hit 950kh/s hash rates.  After spending many hours tinkering with settings to optimise the non-battlefield 4 version, the best I could get was a max hashrate of 850kh/s. So if you are in the group that bought R9 290X Radeon and unable to attain the 1000kh/s hash rates other R9 290X miners are hitting even with an optimised config file setting, this should explain why.

My buddies and I have split test this and have similar findings.


remember to get the optimised version of R9 290X and enjoy better hash rates.  higher hash rates means more $$$$.


Internet Money Making Systems for 2014 2014-01-29T04:04:28+00:00

For many youths in their teens or 20's, the internet is the new "Wall Street", provided one makes an effort to learn, are willing to get into the mud be FOCUSED and grind it out.

There are many ways to make your 1st million online, yet the most important is FOCUS, especially if you're a 1 man army working from a laptop.

-Affiliate Marketing ($150,000 a year PROFITS is attainable)

-Your own Niche Websites ($300,000 a year PROFITS is attainable)

-Mobile Marketing (From my tests, the mainstream media i'm used to such as Adwords doesn't support some of the best HIGH CONVERTING offers that the mobile network company provides. In other words, your account can get SUSPENDED for running mobile offers. Exercise caution and never mix Mobile advertising campaigns with other campaigns. I've heard that some mobile affiliates do $20,000 a DAY, thus far, I've not been able to confirm this myself, as I've not achieved this nor do I know anyone personally who does.)


Buy an Internet Business For $51,570 (8 Nov 2013) 2013-11-08T05:05:19+00:00


(8 Nov 2013)

Looking to invest in a proven working internet business model?

I have (1)  internet property available for 1 person interested to have a quick start into the internet business Cost Per Action Traffic Arbitrage scene.

Earnings Per Month


3 Things To Consider When Starting Your Internet Business or Next $1,000,000 App 2013-10-07T07:16:58+00:00

1. Lets Build The Next Big Apple App..

There are many people who start of developing apps and programs, websites in the hope that it will be the next big thing. Truth is, if there were a 100 apps, only the top 10% would do extremely well, the rest would simply die a natural death. The ability to market a product is more important then the product itself. If the app developer has a internet marketing partner who understands how to generate traffic to an app at minimal cost and quickly produce an ROI, then not only will the app gain subscribers and traction, the business model is able to fund itself from the start. I seen many app developers whose projects simply die midway through the development process simply because they had no way to garner enough subscribers for the apps to gain critical mass, or too much money is burned in the marketing phase of their app simply because the "marketer" is not experienced enough to produce an ROI for small start up apps.

Then there are small app developers that develop simple helpful apps and with the right traffic generation skills and monetisation, are able to earn $10,000 to $20,000 a month just arbitraging traffic. (Buy traffic to your site for cheap then sell it for a profit to advertisers who advertise on your site)

2. Insufficient Cashflow

Any millionaire knows that the best way to make money is to have a cashflow turnover where money makes money. In the business of Internet Marketing, you can turn $100 into $1000, thats $900 profit a day. Property agents I've trained have gone on to earn $200,000 to $500,000 a year, with an investment of $100,000 into advertising. Convert $100,000 into credit card points, and thats $1000s of dollars in 5 star massages one can visit all year long for free.

Starting with as little as $10,000, this investment can turn into a $1,000,000 in 3-7 years.


Thoughts of Successful People 2013-06-16T06:11:46+00:00

Having been in the online marketing space for 7 years, i've had the opportunity to work with and observe patterns of success from 7 figure earners in the industry.

  • High income earners have similar traits. They will always be able to turn a bad situation around because they hv the right psyche. Thoughts patterns are "let's keep trying till we find something that works"

  • Undivided focus. That means to accomplish 1 thing at a time. There are many things that can be going on at the same time. Finish 1 task before going on to the next.

  • Avoid the negative people. They are poison and hv nothing to show for. If you are trying to do $200,000 a year, hang around those that earn that income. If you're aiming to earn 1 billion, study hard and become a top class programmer so you can run shoulders with Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Never get frustrated. The reason we pick up a sport or play a game is because of the challenge. Enjoy the challenge and the money will come. If the work frustrates you, then it's time for a career change and do something you enjoy.


"What Other Ways Are There To Drive Traffic To My Website?" 2013-06-10T03:41:36+00:00

When comes to traffic, unfortunately… theres no such thing as free traffic.

Traffic can be acquired with time or money, or from relationships acquired with time or money.

  • time (SEO) Need to create content for google

  • viral (people referring people) Need to create something innovative people want to share FREELY

  • money (buying ads) Needs marketing know-how, funds and ability to get an ROI, weed out bad traffic, constant monitoring during early ROI test phase.

  • relationships with business partners Need to contribute back to partners.


Benefits of Optimisation 2013-06-03T03:51:46+00:00

Optimizing a campaign can lead to exponentially increased profits.

Eg, after optimization, $0.30 a click decreases to $0.1 a click.

at $0.30 a click, 100 clicks cost $30 at $0.10 a click, 100 clicks cost $10

Traffic can also increase because relevant ads get to show up more often.

Increased Traffic +Cheap clicks = Significantly Increased Profits

Eg, at $0.1 a click, we may get 300 clicks for $30.

With cheap volume means $500 to $2000 profits a day.


Case Study: Thoughts To Have When Scaling Optimising Clickbank Accounts 2013-03-24T06:17:35+00:00

Test Date: 9th March 2013

Traffic: Pay Per Click

Revenue Objective: To Scale and Optimise a Campaign from $90 to $900 a day

Target Profit: $1200 a day

Those that are full time PPC marketers will know that the ROI is usually very high. Think  spending $300 to earn $900, that's $600 profit. Its the easiest to start with and the cost is much less compared to other forms of paid marketing. Low Risk, High Return, that's like having your cake and eating it too!

Below is a snapshot of my clickbank account captured on March 23th 2013 . You will notice from 9th March to 13th March 2013, I had been running marketing tests.


How To Scale and Optimise Earnings.. 2013-03-24T03:23:21+00:00

There are a few ways to scale and optimise earnings, lets go over 2 things you can implement quickly:

1. Expand into Countries outside the USA

Lets say you're doing a diet product promoting it in the USA, that product earns you 100% ROI. That means you spend $100 to earn $200 revenue, thats $100 profit.

(In Pay Per Click marketing, such ROI is quite typical.  You will find some elite PPC marketers able to spend $500 to earn $2500.)

The simplest way to scale, would be to create a SEPARATE campaign and target another country, say the UK.

Do not mix up the campaigns demographics up. I never do it that way, and I doubt the elite PPC players do it too.


Consultation: Lost Your BingAds, Adwords Account and Want It Back? 2012-12-23T04:04:32+00:00

"Sherman, Im no longer able to advertise on Bingads and Adwords 🙁 "

How Do I Know If My Account has been Banned? I did not get any error or email message.

Some scenarios where your account gets locked up and you're unable to use the Adwords or BingAds service again.

BingAds Ban

You'll find that you're unable to log into the account and are booted out to the main log in page. This means your account has been flagged as fraudulent. BingAds can append a .fraud at the end of your username.

Most will try calling in to BingAds support line. They'll inform you need to wait 3 days for a reply from Billing. 5% of the cases will get the account back, 95% will not be able to get back the account. Basically, you can expect a cookie cutter email that says "After review, we are unable to reinstate your account…"


Have You Seized The Day? Have You Seized The 14 Hr Window To Earn $1000/Day? 2012-10-03T14:36:51+00:00

I was setting up a campaign 3rd Oct 2012 when this came to mind…

In Affiliate IM business, time is money from 10pm singapore time all the way to 12 pm the next day.

If the lines are not cast and set, we just lost the chance to earn $1000 during that 14 hr window.

Plus-In this business, top affiliates test ideas fast, test often, and do a realistic $100,000 – 200,000 in 1 year.

Its been a roller coaster ride of Downs and Ups…

The Downs – google slaps, adcenter bans, advertisers not paying, confidential market data and expertise "ninjaed" by ex-associates


Mindset and Income Goals 2012-07-20T03:18:40+00:00

When securing an "income from home", we need to have a short term and a long term income goal in place.

  • Short term goals allow you to sustain for at least a year. The income one should expect from a short term goal should be in the $xxx,xxx range for the 1st year. This income won't last forever. Things move really fast on the internet. Back in the day, it wasn't too hard to just slap some traffic with an offer and become a millionaire in a year or less. Those that aimed really high, still have incomes to this day. There're also those who have gone back to day jobs after the easy money dried up and changes in compliance by the main stream traffic providers.

  • Having a long term goal, means planning a year in advance what you intend to achieve. However, you can't have any long term goals without securing the immediate future. They both go hand in hand. Having a long term goal, 2-3 years into the future will set you up comfortable with the car you dreamed of and the home you've always wanted.

  • When making $500 a day profit, that comes to $15,000 a month. That's pretty decent money. However, rather then go all out to spend it, re-invest that money back into new ventures. If that means living on $1500 a month, with no car.. so be it. Save the cash and live like a pauper even though you know your bank account is flushed with cash. In a tight economy, cash is king. When property goes south, you'll be glad to have saved that internet monies and have the ability to invest in valued low priced assets where rent is at least 0.4% of the purchase price.

  • Once you have found success, contribute some of that success to other successful people. Leveraging on others strengths, research, networks, partnerships, you hedge the risk of failure. However, to get into the club of successful people, you need to have something to bring to the table. Short term success allows a foot into that door.

  • Build out your business. As a marketer there're so many ways to diversify. This can range from learning about multiple traffic sources, to branching out into physical products of your own. The permutations are endless. The best part is, as a Professional Marketer, the ball is always in your court because Marketers are the ones that bring in the $$$$.