15 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website…

15 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website…

I was surfing in digital point forums when I came across a good post by NCmedia. They run an affiliate network similar to Clickbank.

Took the gist of it out, and this information will certainly benefit you, regardless of what you’re promoting online. In fact, if you can create a daily routine to work on some of these free traffic generation tactics, it will stand you in good stead. If you’ve heard or read about some of this techniques but haven’t tried them, hopefully this post will motivate you to get started.

1. Rather basic but sneaky and works – http://answers.yahoo.com/ create 2 accounts or get a friend to help – one asks questions – one answers. – Seek out questions related to your promotions – drop answers with your domain in them. – good for quick ranking – don’t overdo it.

2. http://www.hubpages.com – make a hub – include your domain on keyworded text links and graphics – use SEO wisely (whole other thread – go learn basic seo if you don’t know it). Link to your domain which goes to your quick lander.

3. http://www.squidoo.com – Same as #2

4. Make blogs on BOTH http://www.blogger.com and http://www.wordpress.com – if you have time hit up 5 more – follow suit with #2 tactics.

5. Join forums related to your topic/prouct: Use signatures – put in the time once/twice a day to start or stay inolved in hot topics/threads with well thought out posts – IT WORKS. << Especially when NOT in the IM markets. Seems like a BS daunting task right? Wrong! So is writing 10 ezines, waiting for approval, resubmitting, etc. but you still do it – this is instant and free without moderation (well – without approval/denial) – DO IT.

6. We’ve had good discussion on review style landing pages – try both but pick one and stick to it – landing page domains are still in my opinion the strongest and most focused way to go – use them.

7. Visit http://www.onlywire.com – see the list of sites? SIGN UP TO THEM! Don’t be lazy – make the same username/pass at all sites – then when you update your blog/wp/content – use onlywire to submit to – all at once.

9. Get a http://www.feedburner.com for your blog/wp – import it into DP – in your settings you’ll see it – See my username? See the text line beside it? That’s the headline of my newest blog title – whenever I update my blog – this helps me rank HELLA fast in SE’s – I know it’s basic but some of you are probably going "Oooh!" right now .

10. Craigslist and USfreeads + Autoresponders:
"Are you looking for a HOT new home based business opp that can finally skyrocket your life? Email me for your reserved free info session at ’email’" << Post an ad like this on Craigslist without an afflink but a gmail/email account that has an autoresponder attached – when someone emails you – your autoresponder sends them back your canned email pitch + domain name. << If you get NO response = you got ghosted. To check if you got ghosted – simply go to the category you submitted to, if you see your title in the list – you’re good – if you don’t – you may no longer be allowed to post publicaly and will have to outsource this now. <<There are many ‘CL’ types of sites however they are still god among all of them.

11. Don’t do mishmash review catalog sites: If you own one of those CB malls or blogs FULL of products and categories and graphics and different niches and comments and banners and adsense and alternatives and blogrush and and and << It won’t convert for you NEARLY as a focused marketing path and customer journey to your endorsed products. Become a marketer not a reviewer of anything/everything all at once, that’s just random endorsements like throwing jam at the wall to see what sticks…

12 Offline – whole thread about it somewhere in here recently – READ IT. Offline is just as lucrative as online – remember – you have a domain name, all you need to do is distribute it with the right messaging and bang = income. Get Radio ads * Printed flyers * Small bold newspaper ads/full page color ads * tv ads * event ads * Leave stacks of flyers wherever * Bulletin boards at supermarkets or colleges or communities * Might go to jail but get some spraypaint and tag up a bit white wall with your.com << Don’t do that…

13. Make a .pdf – submit to warez/torrents sites and create a listing for "Get product XX download and crack here" – when they download it – it’s just your pre-pitch with your domain <<Actually works rather well.

14. Adwords targeted banner placement – if you aren’t having any luck with adwords textual – try to look for a great high traffic site that you see has google ads on it – now you know you can target it – so get banners for your product and target that site with your banner and your.com

15. NEVER EVER EVER buy traffic in bulk << EVER – no matter how great the copy or graphics or price or reassurance or ‘new’ method/story – can’t say it enough – and i’m sure no matter how much I preach – I’ll still see some of you aff’s try You’re wasting your money and my bandwidth and you’ll just say ‘he was right’ someday – this includes bux type sites, any ptc/ptp etc. site.


So now you know, what are you going to do with the information? Get to work and earn enough to replace your working income, or go back to watch TV?

The choice is always yours…

Sherman Choo

PS: Another option is to do Pay Per Click Marketing… takes a little tweaking but once its up, its like your own personal cassh generating coke vending machine.

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