2 Quick Tips to Making More Money With Your Ecommerce Business

September 26th, 2014

#1 Upsell, that means to introduce more items after the 1st sale.

As an example, a mother who buys baby wipes, would also very likely want to purchase a baby monitor.

While baby wipes are inexpensive at $10, a good baby monitor is around $180.  By packaging items and offering a good deal to the customer, one can quickly and easily triple up that income.

#2 Use words like…

"Killer Sale"

"Shocking Price"

"Deep Discount For Baby Wipe Customers"

A mother that has bought baby wipes is in a buying mode, to let a customer cool down after she made an initial purchase is to leave money on the table.

Keep the business going by keeping the customers brain in the buying cycle.  Word Copy, Music, anything that interacts with a persons Eyes and Ears impacts the brain and can create a fear of loss by not acting immediately.

With these 2 methods, I've managed to pull out some good numbers in my ecommerce business, and I know it will help yours too.

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