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Internet Riches For 3 Luvly Ladies, A Success Case Study For The New Year 2008

I dropped Ada an SMS to inform her a piece of great news. Her website ( that had near: Zero page rank Zero Incoming Links was listed on the premium page for the most completive keyword in Google. And that word is "Dating" There are over 368,000,000 websites listed in Google for this keyword. If you've been in the Internet circles long enough, you will realize that Internet Marketers, (some whose seminars you may have paid $1497 to attend) speak of going for long tailed keywords. Keywords such [...]

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Secrets of Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is for folks who have experience with making money online. Its a long term traffic generation method once the campaign is tweaked and tested for optimum results. Step #1: Setup your Adwords account at Step #2: Look for a topic that you like, using Google's Free Keyword Research tool. Step #3: Find a product from Azoogle, Clickbank, that complements the need. Step #4: Once you've found a product you like, create a simple landing page (Click Here For Reference) and host [...]

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Question: Google Adwords a Scam?

Google Adwords a Scam? Question: Is there a way of finding out if Google is clicking my own Adwords Ads ? I think im getting fraudulent clicks. PLEASE HELP! Answer: Google would not click on your ads. However, your competitors might. Also I would recommend not advertising with "content" option because you do get fradulent clicks from Adsense. Google does try to reduce fradulent clicks but its not necessarily full proof. You'll only get charged per unique click on your Search Google Ads. Adwords is for the long [...]

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How To Make Money Online For Free

Question: How To Make Money Online For Free Since this is a common question, lets take a look. To make money online for free will almost always require a resource called time. Since some folks have time but don't have the funds yet to start a website, here's what they can do. The simplest way to make money online for free is to sign up with Google Adsense. This can be found at Google will provide you a "Pub..." ID. This ID you will need to place [...]

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Make Money Online Singapore – Different Business Models

If you're from Singapore and want to learn how to make money online, here are a few ways you can go about it. There are a number of business models, and depending on your temperament and back ground to invest, you can try them out. Business Model #1 - Adsense This is sort of a Google affiliate marketing model. Google pays a commission to folks who set up a site and place Adsense codes on them. You just need to head on to Google and get a  "PUB-CA....." [...]

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How Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliates Earn a 5 figure Income

Since Ewen Chia's Super Affiliates program was launched, there's been such a buzz. This not mentioned in his program but I think an important aspect of breaking the 5 figure ceiling on the internet is time management. Most folks starting out don't hire freelancers from to do their work for them. So when one is starting out online, its very easy to get bogged down by HTML, or trying to find out how the WINZIP application works.. "Doh..." for some, a mountain to climb for others. So [...]

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