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How Short is Short?

I've seen posts about dynamic landing pages that state having a keyword on your landing page that coincides with the phrase searched in Google will decrease your Adwods Keyword cost. I thought I qualify this statement. In my niches outside Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, or Home Business, I have a landing page with the exact same keyword in headings at the top of the landing page, that corresponds directly to the word searched for in Google. My Minimum Bid cost was... $15.00. That's $15.00 per click, even [...]

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The Ms Google Slap…$15 Per Click

If you ever been slapped by the Google Glove, you know it gives you a warm...fuzzy...tingly feeling. Since PPC makes alot of money for me, I spent half the day trying to find a work around for getting spanked hard by Ms Google. I managed to get my $15 keyword from $15 down to $0.06 but that was not before some curious fellow clicked on my Ad and charged my Credit Card with a $15 click. Anyhow...Here's a quick run down on what you need to know if [...]

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Google Adwords Cash – Keywords That Convert To Sales

Here's a tip that I hope will help you earn alot of money from the PPC search engines. When you search Google Adwords for keywords that convert, not all of them will be profitable for you. This is because many of these keywords, generate traffic but not sales. Sales keywords are often "keywords that solve problems" Here are examples of keywords that will make you money. "where to buy gout cholcocine" "best golf instructional video" "how to play golf" "remove virus from computer" These long tail keywords often [...]

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Newbies Guide To Making Money With Clicks

I recently got a copy of the Adsense Big system and set it up. You can find the case study site here. What this does is to combine many articles of the same subject into 1 navigable site. The ads that appear on the left are Adsense Ads. Everytime a click is made on the Ads, you will earn a commission anywhere from $0.11 to $0.30. Total time to setup: 1 hour 1) You'll need the adsense website package 2) You'll need a domain name and webhosting 3) [...]

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Keywords That Will Generate Sales For You…

Have you ever plugged keywords generated by keyword tools into Yahoo, MSN, and Google Adwords and found that none of them converted to sales for you? Hopefully this post helps you get a good idea of keywords that convert. Here are a couple of Keywords that will qualify your visitors for you as well as earn $400 to $1K per week. Example of "keywords that solve problems": Nasal Decongestant How To Hit The Driver Medicine for Gout Buy Gout cholchocine online Best golf instruction video Most of these [...]

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Happy New Year To One & All!

How's everyone doing! With a new year comes new resolutions. Be it, a slimmer you, a growing bank account, whatever goals you've set yourself, do keep pursuing your dreams. I hope you'll achieve your goals in the cow year of 2009! Your Friend, ~ Sherman Choo

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