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Internet Marketing – List Building Psychology

The frame of mind that a subscriber enters your list is important. There was a lady who had over 10,000 subscribers in her list but had very little conversions. She was very nice and because of that, was unable to monetise because she had given away too much and there was no more reason for folks to buy from her. Marketing is about shifting paradigms in our heads. Is giving things away to build a list considered good? Yes. However, giving away too much, that is not good. [...]

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How To Sell Online – Successful Conversion Process

Copyright 2008 Sherman Choo. This article is for my subscribers. It may not be copied, reposted or reproduced in any form. Successful Conversion Process (Value $0 to some $9230 to those who read and implement) Here is a breakdown of how products are sold online. Implement them in your business and watch your internet bank account grow. 1. Email Marketing. Email marketing is simply building a list of subscribers who wish to keep in touch with you. They like what you write, your insights and recommendations. This works [...]

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