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15 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website…

I was surfing in digital point forums when I came across a good post by NCmedia. They run an affiliate network similar to Clickbank. Took the gist of it out, and this information will certainly benefit you, regardless of what you're promoting online. In fact, if you can create a daily routine to work on some of these free traffic generation tactics, it will stand you in good stead. If you've heard or read about some of this techniques but haven't tried them, hopefully this post will motivate [...]

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Affiliate Marketing – PPC Advertising Resources

Here are Pay Per Click marketing advertising sources that you can use to drive traffic your website and business. BidVertiser (additional $20 worth of clicks here...while offer lasts) Google Adwords MSN Yahoo Search Marketing (additional $25 worth of clicks here...while offer lasts) Adbrite Facebook There are other ad networks you can use, these are the ones I've used myself. Hope it works out for you!

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“How do I receive money from the internet?” And Other FAQs

1. How do I receive money from the internet? You receive a check every month to your home Commissions are wired into your banking account every month Commissions are wired to payoneer which you withdraw cash from every month Your banking account grows and you can pay for your mobile, electricity bills, insurance, kids education, home loan, car loan. 2. What amount would you consider as a full time income? More then or at least equivalent to the working salary you would receive working for someone. So if [...]

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Focusing On Your Internet Business…

What is the business model that you want to do that's going to earn you $3000 - $100,000? Have you been looking at: CPA (I want people to fill out my forms!) Adsense (Google, I won't click on my own ads..I swear!) Run a forum with openX advertising (Ogilvy..step aside) Participate in over 20 affiliate programs (I'm an affiliate junkie!) Sell wholesale products over ebay (I want to retail stuff bought from someone else!) Market your own ecommerce products Consulting...(Bain & Mckinsey love me!) PPC Affiliate marketing Data [...]

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Affiliate Marketing- How to create $100,000 in affiliate revenue in a few days…

If you're looking to generate $100,000 in a few days, this post will surely interest you...but before I write further, here's a video you can watch. Its me in the background, "sounding" muffled... Anyways, check out as I log in live to one of my specialty sites, and you'll see some very interesting stats, from $0.00 to $203.00 to..... Click to watch $100,000 revenue generated in a few days (opens in new window) From my experience, there're 2 ways you can generate $100,000 in a few days. 1. [...]

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“Sherman! Gimme Some Tips On Pay Per Click Marketing!”

Pay Per Click Lucrative Marketing is a skill practiced by mostly serious individuals who make online affiliate marketing their full time income, and rightly so because PPC is not as simple as picking up a book and reading about it. Google has courses on this subject and they have Google Qualified individuals that take these tests to help Google clients. Some internet business owners hire PPC experts to construct PPC campaigns for them. This is my motto when doing Pay Per Click Marketing. "For Every $100 I put [...]

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Affiliate Marketing – Pay Per Click Marketing For Instant Success

Pay Per Click Marketing is an affiliate marketing skill practiced only by successful affiliate marketers. The reason for this is that most affiliates do not fancy the idea of spending money everytime there is a click on their ads and one can lose money if there is not a solid business plan in place. Pay Per Click Marketing in the right hands is the fastest way for anyone to get results online, in hours or days from the day the ad was placed. Getting started in Pay Per [...]

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Pay Per Click Marketing – How To Make Money With It?

Pay Per Click Marketing also known as PPC is a form of paid advertising. While the sound of paying money per click sounds like a big hole in your pocket, PPC is potentially lucrative in the right hands. There are many services that offer PPC advertising. A few that I've used with good results are Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN, Google Adwords, Adbrite and Bidvertiser. The main thing when using Pay Per Click advertising is to have some sort of tracking. These tracking codes are provided by the advertising [...]

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