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15 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website…

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

I was surfing in digital point forums when I came across a good post by NCmedia. They run an affiliate network similar to Clickbank.

Took the gist of it out, and this information will certainly benefit you, regardless of what you're promoting online. In fact, if you can create a daily routine to work on some of these free traffic generation tactics, it will stand you in good stead. If you've heard or read about some of this techniques but haven't tried them, hopefully this post will motivate you to get started.

1. Rather basic but sneaky and works – create 2 accounts or get a friend to help – one asks questions – one answers. – Seek out questions related to your promotions – drop answers with your domain in them. – good for quick ranking – don't overdo it.

2. – make a hub – include your domain on keyworded text links and graphics – use SEO wisely (whole other thread – go learn basic seo if you don't know it). Link to your domain which goes to your quick lander.

3. – Same as #2

4. Make blogs on BOTH and – if you have time hit up 5 more – follow suit with #2 tactics.

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Affiliate Marketing – PPC Advertising Resources

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Here are Pay Per Click marketing advertising sources that you can use to drive traffic your website and business.

  1. BidVertiser (additional $20 worth of clicks here…while offer lasts)
  2. Google Adwords
  3. MSN
  4. Yahoo Search Marketing (additional $25 worth of clicks here…while offer lasts)
  5. Adbrite
  6. Facebook

There are other ad networks you can use, these are the ones I've used myself. Hope it works out for you!

"How do I receive money from the internet?" And Other FAQs

Thursday, June 19th, 2008


1. How do I receive money from the internet?

  • You receive a check every month to your home
  • Commissions are wired into your banking account every month
  • Commissions are wired to payoneer which you withdraw cash from every month

Your banking account grows and you can pay for your mobile, electricity bills, insurance, kids education, home loan, car loan.

2. What amount would you consider as a full time income?

More then or at least equivalent to the working salary you would receive working for someone.

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Focusing On Your Internet Business…

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

What is the business model that you want to do that's going to earn you $3000 – $100,000?

Have you been looking at:

  1. CPA (I want people to fill out my forms!)
  2. Adsense (Google, I won't click on my own ads..I swear!)
  3. Run a forum with openX advertising (Ogilvy..step aside)
  4. Participate in over 20 affiliate programs (I'm an affiliate junkie!)
  5. Sell wholesale products over ebay (I want to retail stuff bought from someone else!)
  6. Market your own ecommerce products
  7. Consulting…(Bain & Mckinsey love me!)
  8. PPC Affiliate marketing
  9. Data Entry from home (I type stuff!)
  10. I blog for a living…
  11. Filling out surveys for cash (I'm a multiple opinionated person…!)

Succeeding online requires FOCUS on 1 business model. If we try to do too many things, its easy to get burnt out, be a jack of all trades and master of none. The only time we can try a few things is when we're starting out, testing to see what we like to do. Afterwards, we aim to focus in 1 direction until we hit our income goals.

1. Example, say you want to do Adsense:

The best way to succeed with Adsense is to run a community forum. Golf site, Cosmetic site, IT site, any kind of kind discussion niche that captures interest. That way, you can leverage on content added by other people. Alot of people are interested to share ideas just out of passion for a topic, and that will help the site can ranked high in the SERPs, generate tons of free traffic for you.

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Affiliate Marketing- How to create $100,000 in affiliate revenue in a few days…

Friday, June 13th, 2008

If you're looking to generate $100,000 in a few days, this post will surely interest you…but before I write further, here's a video you can watch. Its me in the background, "sounding" muffled…

Anyways, check out as I log in live to one of my specialty sites, and you'll see some very interesting stats, from $0.00 to $203.00 to…..

Click to watch $100,000 revenue generated in a few days (opens in new window)

From my experience, there're 2 ways you can generate $100,000 in a few days.

1. Have a large mailing list generated over the years. Say you have a large database of customers in the health market. Simply sending them information about a product that helped you, lets say, gout condition can earn you a repeat income this month and every month when consumers continue consuming the product. The revnue generated is thus in the numbers.

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"Sherman! Gimme Some Tips On Pay Per Click Marketing!"

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Pay Per Click Lucrative Marketing is a skill practiced by mostly serious individuals who make online affiliate marketing their full time income, and rightly so because PPC is not as simple as picking up a book and reading about it. Google has courses on this subject and they have Google Qualified individuals that take these tests to help Google clients. Some internet business owners hire PPC experts to construct PPC campaigns for them.

This is my motto when doing Pay Per Click Marketing.

"For Every $100 I put into PPC, my return profits will be $700 – $1200." Having a goal setting Pay Per Click Internet Marketing mindset allows us to focus on what we're doing. If we do not set any goals, its hard to achieve income goals, as a product owner, affiliate marketer, CPA etc…

If you've heard about how PPC is turning ordinary folks willing to learn this art into minimum 5 figure earners…its absolutely true, and its 100% faster then building blogs, writing content, hoping that the search engines will pick up your work…although there is nothing wrong with those approaches, especially if you have the time to sit at your computer and write.

PPC is for the lazy person who just wants to construct campaigns and use money to make money…

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Affiliate Marketing – Pay Per Click Marketing For Instant Success

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Pay Per Click Marketing is an affiliate marketing skill practiced only by successful affiliate marketers. The reason for this is that most affiliates do not fancy the idea of spending money everytime there is a click on their ads and one can lose money if there is not a solid business plan in place. Pay Per Click Marketing in the right hands is the fastest way for anyone to get results online, in hours or days from the day the ad was placed.

Getting started in Pay Per Click Marketing is very simple. All we need to do is go to any one of the major search engine providers such as Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Marketing and Google Adwords Marketing and setup an account. Setting up an account requires a debit or credit card. This is also a possible hurdle for some interested in online marketing but unable to get started because of lack of this tool. Many banks now allow their ATM cards to function as a visa card.

Pay Per Click Marketing never gets saturated. Compared to other forms of advertising such as ezine advertising that can generate sales…however one needs to place ads, or solo ezine ads to test if the subscribers to an ezine newsletter is responsive to an ad. So its either a hit or miss. For this same reason, PPC is especially good for affiliates in the MLM or network marketing arena that are looking for ways to generate leads for their business. For example, while your upline may have success advertising a business opportunity in a certain ezine with 5000 subscribers, over time that pool becomes saturated with the same ad and this resource pool will no longer be beneficial to the sponsors downline.

PPC however takes some skill and time to understand the intricacies of the advertising system. The best way to succeed in PPC is to have a business model that is long term, in other words, we need a business plan that either has got many products we can introduce in time, a recurring charge business model such as a membership site or a high ticket item. Once the business model is in place, we can send instant traffic with Adwords, Yahoo, or MSN. Such business models will give you a high chance of earning $1000s with PPC in net profits!

All the best to your internet business,
Sherman Choo

Pay Per Click Marketing – How To Make Money With It?

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Pay Per Click Marketing also known as PPC is a form of paid advertising. While the sound of paying money per click sounds like a big hole in your pocket, PPC is potentially lucrative in the right hands.

There are many services that offer PPC advertising. A few that I've used with good results are Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN, Google Adwords, Adbrite and Bidvertiser.

The main thing when using Pay Per Click advertising is to have some sort of tracking. These tracking codes are provided by the advertising services. All that needs to be done, is to simply copy these codes and paste them before the  /body tag. If that sounds difficult, its actually quite simple once you give it a try.

Once the tracking codes are in place, we can understand what is making money, and what is not. For example, if a keyword is only giving you 10% conversion rate, then either we lower the bid for that keyword…or discard that campaign altogether.

When doing PPC, its important to understand the life time value of a customer. Ultimately, your goal for PPC is to bring a curious surfer to a customer. This is also known as conversion. From my experience with Pay Per Click Marketing, the best way to succeed with PPC is to have a product that is recurring in nature, as compared to a 1 off sale.

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