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Global Domains International Email Consultation Till July End 2008

*Thanks for your questions, I've answered all queries by email. Offer Closed Till Further Notice* From 26th July to the end of this month, I am open to take questions contributing to the growth of member's in your GDI (Global Domains International) downline. If you need help in growing your GDI downline to refer 100s automatically or if you don't have more then 10 or 15 people in GDI, this will help you. I will compile a list of good questions and answer them individually by return email [...]

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My Take On Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese

Traffic Secrets was created by John Reese. I've taken a look at the course. Here's my take on it. 1. You're just starting out... If you're just starting out online and you're thinking of going into any one of these industries, then you may want to throttle down a little on your expenditure, especially if you don't much money to spend in the 1st place. (the course isn't cheap) Ebay Affiliate Marketing Product Creation Authoring an InfoProduct Blogging For A Living Selling Membership products either as an affiliate [...]

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The End Of Commission Junction…Affiliates Woes, Deactivated & Commission Forfeit?

I was checking out couple of new affiliate networks to explore. Found a couple of posts about commission junction where affiliates were taken off the network (commissions forfeit?) 1. "Is it just me that is fed up with the standard Commission Junction deactivated advertiser email? You have received this email because one or more of the advertisers you are affiliated with in the Commission Junction network has recently been temporarily deactivated. Why CJ just can’t let us know who the merchant is, what the problem is it [...]

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JK Rowling’s Commencement Speech at Harvard

Entrepreneurship, starting an internet business, product creation, authoring a book, affiliate marketing requires a certain dedication...or passion to see the project to completion. Sometimes, we may feel that certain tasks are too difficult to learn, that we want to stop. But when we stay stagnant in the mud and get comfortable for too long, the only way is down, slowly but surely. Given that if we struggle, sink faster we may…but wouldn't you trade that for just 1 shot at achieving a target, a goal that could change [...]

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FREE Super Landing Page Template

Here's a great looking landing page template that you can use to start generating leads for your business! Tell your visitor what they need to do simply by providing simple instructions and benefits if they take action. Click here to download...while available!  

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