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Commission Blueprint & Private Banker Girls

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Before I go on, let me 1st say, that Commission Blueprint is a good resource. The things they teach, I discovered it very late in my own internet marketing career, 4 years later after tons of trial and error working with php files, tinkering with the 3 major search engines, PPC tools and tracking IDs.

So if there is going to be any nit picking on Commission Blueprint, its just a nit pick, will take nothing away from them. The skills they teach are x10000 more applicable to the normal guy sitting in his bedroom then the stuff many more well know personalities on the internet are flogging online.

The only 1 gripe I have with Commission Blueprint is the way they track their IDs. Its slow and Its effective or Its effective and Its slow (choose your poison). A software they use, and I use myself is the "Censored" PPC software ( I will not reveal this, its their trade secret). The 2 main difference between their views and mine is that they use the in house php templates of this PPC software, and you need to track manually what the TIDs were that coverted. This takes too long and its additional work.

The second is that they prefer not to touch the content network much because there is no info there on how to track sales from these resources. Which is a good call, unless of course, you know how to track which placement gave you a conversion 🙂

If you've have been online long enuf dumping $5000, tinkering and racking up losses with adwords campaigns, you know that its just as easy to create a campaign that loses you $100s if not $1000s of dollars, while you test and track, as it takes to create 1 that earns you income that even pretty private banker Citibank girls ($50K-$90K++ earnings) will quake in admiration to. When applying what is in the blueprint, you need to test 10 campaigns quickly, and dump the ones that don't work. The longer you take, the more money and time you lose.

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The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – Valid Till 7th September 2008

1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

1 Spot Only.

To commemorate a new milestone online (hitting a personal new online income), for 4 weeks and 45min session periods per week, I will coach 1(one) "SERIOUS" person for FREE to make REAL money online.
(Note: If you're already successful online, that means earning at least $5000 every month, then you're doing well, save a spot for someone else who has never made a single cent online or don't know what an internet check looks like)

Please read it all before deciding whether or not to participate.


  • I will work with you LIVE 45 minutes each week for 4 sessions by SKYPE, giving you personal pointers as you progress through the course, and monitoring what you've done the previous week.
  • There is no written material, we will be working live via SKYPE and I will give you pointers on what to do. You'll be taking down live notes on your side of the screen.
  • I will be pointing you to live case studies online, websites and URLs that are raking in cash, how you can do it and cash in.
  • You will be starting a real internet business. (There are many industries you can go into, CPA, Adsense, Adwords, Affiliate Networks, Product Owner, Merchant Affiliate Programs, there are tons of programs, filtering through them all to test what works takes time) I'll tell you one that I know works, there is a burning desire to fill a need and you can just follow and cash in.
  • You MUST hit a minimum income goal of $500. If you can earn more, $1K, $3K, its all your money to keep. The minimum you must hit if you're working with me is $500 from scratch.

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Blink Web – Blink Your Way Around The Web

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Here's a nifty tool that allows you to create nifty little cash sites and landing pages with opt ins to popular autoresponder services like Get Response.

Its called Blink Web.

I spent 30 minutes tinkering around with it. Nice!

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Outsourcing Website Traffic Generation to the Professionals

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

There's a few ways to get more traffic to your website. For small businesses, or to test a few things on a website, we might send some traffic on our own to a certain website. After a while, when the numbers start to add up, we can decide whether or not to continue generating the traffic on our own, or outsourcing this aspect to professional companies or individuals. Lets have a look at a few outsourcing traffic generation tactics we can use once a business model is working.

  • Increase Website Traffic #1 TIp: Pay per click marketing such as ABC Search, Google, Yahoo, Miva can be outsourced to professional PPC companies. Naturally, it does cost to have a PPC company handle your campaigns for you, but if you're looking to target a chinese 1.6 billion audience with Baidu, and can't handle the chinese interface, then it might be a good idea to have a PPC company handle that for you. They have professional tie ups with PPC companies and could get the best rates for you and your keywords.
  • Increase Website Traffic #2 Tip: Forum marketing is as simple as having a link in your signature box and answering questions that forums goers might have. Its important to allow your signature link to show naturally, then allow it to be a ad. Once people respect your answers and assistance, they will be interested in your website and services. You can outsource forum answering to professional forum posters. They usually are from Philippines.
  • Increase Website Traffic #3 Tip: Offline advertising is perhaps the least used. The most effective way, I feel, is to hand out flyers that lead to a landing page with an incentive or benefit which makes it worthwhile for a visitor to provide you their contact details. This is usually an ecourse or preview of what you can offer. If your benefits are good enough, they will purchase your product.

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Increase Online Website Traffic With Duplicate Content?

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Download this report that tells you what you need to know about Article Marketing and Duplicate Content.

  • stay in good standing with the search engines
  • boost your rankings
  • drive loads of traffic to your site

To Download: "Right Click On This Link & Select Save As"

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Checking out new wordpress the…

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Checking out new wordpress themes!

Success University – How To Break Even Case Study

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

So you heard about Success University. Lets have a look at the business side of things and what it takes to break even.

You'll need your thinking cap.

Compensation Plan – Since Success University is a network marketing company, you get compensated for referring others to the company. Once you get the ball rolling with Success University, you get paid for every 6 person cycle that forms in your downline. Success University pays you well when you can get pass the initial stage. If you don't get pass the initial stage and personally refer 6 persons, then have those 6 persons stay active and also start working hard, you will not earn any profits from the 7 month on and will be losing money from the 1st month.

Here's a typical example:

Lets say you refer 3 person at the start who join the business at $149.50 + $55.00 each (if no price changes). That earns you a fast start commission (around $19.99 per pax), but you won't qualify to earn that 6 cycle commission because you only have 3 persons in your downline. When in the 4 month you don't refer anyone, then you won't earn a commission. 5th month passes and you won't earn any commissions when someone joins, while you continue to pay the membership (your upline still earns though so long as you form part of their 6 personally enrolled members), then in the 6 month you refer 3 persons, you now qualify to earn the 6 person cycle commission, because you have a total of 6 personally enrolled members which covers the 2 months you did not enroll anyone (1 person for each month until 6 months). Your commission for the 6 person cycle is about $40+, not yet to cover your monthly membership which is about $55+. In other words, for 6 months, you would have spent $149.50 + $55 x 6= $479.50. Your commissions for referring just 3 person in the 1st 3 months then 3 person in the 6th month is $40 + (4×20) = $120 (not counting the commissions you lost when you referred no one for 2 months).

So that means you've lost $359.50. (ie 479.50 – $120)

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Payoneer Affiliate Mastercard – How To Receive Money From The Internet

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Payoneer Affiliate Mastercardpayoneer.png

Some networks issue a debit master card so you can collect your commissions.

When you 1st receive your Mastercard, you will need to activate it at and select your pin. See the sticker.

This pin is going to be the pin that you enter when withdrawing your affiliate commissions from your local ATM using this card. The card can also be used for Credit Card type transactions.

It comes with the 16 figure digits, month/year expiry, 3 digit security Code, the whole works.

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Affiliate Marketing – The Dummy's Guide To Making Online Payments and Actually Spending the $10,000 You Made Online!

Monday, August 4th, 2008

How To Make Payment Online.

When making payment online, you can use 1 of 3 modes. Debit/Credit card, Paypal or Virtual Visa.

Let's jump in.

1. If you have a Credit Card or Debit card (see your local bank), these are the most straight forward mode of payment for online transactions. If you don't have either, carry on reading.

2. If you're from the USA, things are much easier because you just need a Paypal account and simply T/T funds from any US bank into your paypal account. Then use your paypal as your internet business account. Before making payment, you just need to make sure of 2 things.

  • There are funds in your paypal account. (naturally :))
  • Check that the amount you're going to pay the merchant is the correct one.

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