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Commission Blueprint & Private Banker Girls

Before I go on, let me 1st say, that Commission Blueprint is a good resource. The things they teach, I discovered it very late in my own internet marketing career, 4 years later after tons of trial and error working with php files, tinkering with the 3 major search engines, PPC tools and tracking IDs. So if there is going to be any nit picking on Commission Blueprint, its just a nit pick, will take nothing away from them. The skills they teach are x10000 more applicable to [...]

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The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge - Valid Till 7th September 2008 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE. 1 Spot Only. To commemorate a new milestone online (hitting a personal new online income), for 4 weeks and 45min session periods per week, I will coach 1(one) "SERIOUS" person for FREE to make REAL money online. (Note: If you're already successful online, that means earning at least $5000 every month, then you're doing well, save a spot for someone else who has never made a single [...]

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Outsourcing Website Traffic Generation to the Professionals

There's a few ways to get more traffic to your website. For small businesses, or to test a few things on a website, we might send some traffic on our own to a certain website. After a while, when the numbers start to add up, we can decide whether or not to continue generating the traffic on our own, or outsourcing this aspect to professional companies or individuals. Lets have a look at a few outsourcing traffic generation tactics we can use once a business model is working. [...]

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Payoneer Affiliate Mastercard – How To Receive Money From The Internet

Payoneer Affiliate Mastercard Some networks issue a debit master card so you can collect your commissions. When you 1st receive your Mastercard, you will need to activate it at and select your pin. See the sticker. This pin is going to be the pin that you enter when withdrawing your affiliate commissions from your local ATM using this card. The card can also be used for Credit Card type transactions. It comes with the 16 figure digits, month/year expiry, 3 digit security Code, the whole works. Bear [...]

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Affiliate Marketing – The Dummy’s Guide To Making Online Payments and Actually Spending the $10,000 You Made Online!

How To Make Payment Online. When making payment online, you can use 1 of 3 modes. Debit/Credit card, Paypal or Virtual Visa. Let's jump in. 1. If you have a Credit Card or Debit card (see your local bank), these are the most straight forward mode of payment for online transactions. If you don't have either, carry on reading. 2. If you're from the USA, things are much easier because you just need a Paypal account and simply T/T funds from any US bank into your paypal account. [...]

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