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6 Figure Yearly Internet Business Platform

--------------------------------------------- Internet Business Platform: An Internet Business Platform is an e-commerce platform where one handles transactions, cash out checks and sell products to earn $10,000+ monthly. -------------------------------------------- Quick Blog Post today. (Offer Valid November 24th - December 24th 2008) For the next 30 days, we're offering a turn key Internet Business Platform (value $15,000) for individuals that want a proven 6 figure yearly business model they can work from home with. This same system has helped a 24 year old college graduate purchase his own condo last year. [...]

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PPC Classroom 2.0: Breadth On Keywords, The Magic Pill?

This was with regards to PPC Classroom mentioning going “breadth on keywords.” Hi Amit and Anik, KeyCompete offers many keywords. The thing is, even if we bought all these keywords, we need to optimize a PPC campaign such that the bids are below $0.15 for ALL the keywords. Otherwise, these keyword can't be effectively used, without building 300 over different landing pages for 300 keyword. I've seen some token PPC software that dynamically insert keywords into the landing pages. These methods don't work. The bids are still around [...]

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The 2% Rule In Pay Per Click Marketing

Aim for the 2% conversion rule. At the start, promote a product that has $50 commission. Most are around $20 to $33. But for safety sake, I’d recommend starting PPC for products that offers $50 commission. Offers that convert well and have high commissions are often secret so you’ll need to put in effort to search for one. The numbers generally look like this. You need 4000 views to get 80 Sales, which is $4000 revenue. Cost for advertising is $0.06 per click x 4000 hits = $240, [...]

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PPC Classroom Update – Lessons & Mistakes From 6 Figure Pay Per Click Marketing

Back to the discussion about Pay Per Click Marketing and Landing Quality Score. I corresponded with Renee from Speed PPC. (Renee is from Australia and she has some really nice Speed PPC videos teaching on how to use fully utlise the tool, available to members.) With Speed PPC, there is a learning curve which allows you to build massive PPC keyword campaigns. When building massive campaigns, there are often cases where 30% of your keywords get slapped with $0.45 to $0.60 to $8.00 to $15.00 bids. Speed PPC [...]

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