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Google Adwords and Thin Sites…

Have you been finding it harder to build a site that is good with the search engines and with PPC? Had a discussion with a close friend and we feel that Google Adwords is moving away from thin sites. Thin sites worked well in the past, but if we want to build a site that lasts, then it needs to be one that gives value to its visitors. If you ever explored with Google Analytics, you notice that there is a term called "Bounce Rate". A high bounce [...]

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Should I Bid $0.80 – $1.50 PPC Bids?

Bidding $1.50 for keywords generally is not a good idea, for the simple reason that you can lose $50 in less then 2 hours. Some folks suggest bidding high then bringing the bids down and it can be exciting to check your ad displaying on the 1st page of Google. However, it can be very hard to sustain the top spot in Google because unless your sales process is fully tweaked for maximum conversions, its a sure way to lose money quickly. If we're making $10,000 but spending [...]

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Traffic From Pay Per Click Marketing Domain Bidding

When I want to get some high converting keywords, I will go into the different domain name variations. Say I wanted to bid on the domain SuccessUniversity. Here are the variations we can test for traffic and conversions. www.successuniversity www.successuniversitycom www.successuniversity com successuniversity successuniversitycom successuniversity com ww.successuniversity ww.successuniversitycom ww.successuniversity com wwwsuccessuniversity wwwsuccessuniversitycom wwwsuccessuniversity com wwsuccessuniversity wwsuccessuniversitycom wwsuccessuniversity com www www successuniversity www successuniversitycom www successuniversity com ww ww successuniversity ww successuniversitycom ww successuniversity com http www http www successuniversity [...]

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