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PPC Classroom Bonus + Live PPC Saturday Morning Breakfast Call

Quick update about PPC Classroom. They have just included some pretty great bonuses. Besides the FREE DVD, Las Vegas Trip Ticket, they've come up with $4K worth of bonuses for the 2nd batch of PPC Classroom Students. Mark Ling - Affiliate Extreme System ($197) Howie Schwartz - LIVE PPC Event w/ Case Studies ($1,000) Emil Paz - PPC Bully ($49) Jay Stockwell - SpeedPPC ($397) Steven Juth - AdwordsAccelerator 60 Days ($74) Chris Carpenter - Google Cash ($67) Cody Moya - Products To Sell with PPC ($397) Greg [...]

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PPC Classroom – Live Coaching Bonus…

Hey yo, PPC Classroom is opening its doors again to a new batch of students. This time I'm going to offer something extra special just for you. Anyone that clicks on this link, purchases then sends the receipt to "sherman dot choo at" will receive 45mins live one-on-one coaching bonus (worth $797). I'll show you shortcuts to PPC, and some PPC tricks not featured in the course. $7K++ PPC Classroom Salary *LIVE Coaching* Bonus Here's what you'll get: Live PPC Tweaking Of A New Google Adwords Account [...]

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DJK Shadow – Microsoft Case Study

Having gone throught the DJK tutorials, its a selection of case studies which lets you see how others invest money to earn money via Google Adwords. 1. The Microsoft Affiliate Case Study. ($18K in 30 days, worth a look) This case study informs why even at $1.50 commissions can be lucrative if the traffic and demand is high enough. Send enough traffic to a high demand offer and your $1000+ PPC check is a mail away>> Mostly direct linking, so its a make money fast, get-in-and-get-out locust type [...]

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Questions about Adwords…from Tracking 202 forum

1. Should I have one massive keyword list and lots of ad variations to start and then group the keywords and ads to be more relevant? Massive Keyword List: Yes, as massive as possible to discover "funky" keywords that others don't bid for. Fine tune this list over the period of 1 week to a month. Group the Keywords: Yes, group them if possible, know however that sometimes, I just dump keywords together and group later. Ad Variations: Not necessary. You probably read in books of how you [...]

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PPC Profits of $200 Per Day opposed to $20 Per Day…

When doing pay per click marketing, its a good idea to know the difference between EXACT match and PHRASE match. 1. Exact match refers to when you have your keyword written in this format. [make money online] This is exact match. When a person types in make money online into Google, your ad will show. If that person types in makemoneyonline, your ad will not show. 2. Phrase match refers to keywords written in this format. "make money online" In this case, if someone types in want to [...]

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Essential Secrets To Clickbank…

When it comes to making money with Clickbank, its important to know how to choose the right products. The simplest way is to spend some time and effort to run through every clickbank product that you like. The reason for this is because some new products are not marketed yet. If you can find them, these are potential gold mines just waiting for someone to exploit them. I personally don't sell everything on Clickbank. So some products that are doing very well there, I may have missed out [...]

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