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5 Step Affiliate Article Marketing Formula

Objective: Identify a problem then identify a product that solves that problem. 1. To look for problems, visit these sites: -Yahoo Answers -Wiki Answers -Forums where people hang out. Read what they're "unhappy" about. 2. Bear in mind what people need, then write an article with a problem solving approach. The article must have a SEO headline. An SEO headline is usually the "problem phrase" Think of what you want to sell. If you want to Anti Dustmite bed pillows, the article could go like this. -----Example--- Title: Asthma [...]

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Ad Crafting In Pay Per Click Marketing..

A good Pay Per Click Marketing ad can give us quality instant traffic and immense Profits. Google Adwords gives us  4 lines to make an impact on an audience going through the search engines. When crafting ads, the rule of thumb is that we want to include the keyword in the Adwords Ad. This allows the Ad to be bolded which is supposed to capture the audiences attention. However... Issues arise when 9 other ads in the sponsored search do the same. When that happens, the method becomes diluted and this technique in fact [...]

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Staying Safe As An Affiliate

Affiliate networks terms and conditions vary from network to network. What is permissible on one network may not be allowed on another. Some networks allow you to get away with minor repercussions, others will simply close your account. The stricter Publisher terms include: 1. The Use of Non-Publisher Owned Web Properties/Sites/Pages to Promote Advertisers. Other than paid search, publishers may only promote advertisers on Web pages/sites/properties that they, themselves, own or operate. Publishers may not place affiliate links/tracking code, nor promote Web sites that contain affiliate links/tracking code, [...]

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