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Google Adwords Quality Score Insights

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Imagine a new adwords advertiser with a keyword quality score of 7 after loading up a campaign while your ad has a similar keyword quality score of 7 as well.

If the advertiser's ad is new, his domain is new, Adwords will charge him $1.67.

If you have good adwords account history, you'll only need to pay just $0.43.

So if you' come across an advertiser that's supposedly paying for premium position for a premium keyword, don't assume he's paying $2.00 a click.

You and I as new comers wanting to advertise for that premium keyword may have to pay that amount. The current advertisor may already have sufficient good credit score built with adwords and only paying peanuts for a premium keyword, allowing profits of $15,000 – $30,000 every month.

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GainingPPC Research Intelligence Before Entering The Arena

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

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Getting a Good Adwords Quality Score, Copying and Conversion.

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Especially for Adwords, the main page requires unique content or otherwise modified content that mean the same thing, never word for word with another PPC landing page.

By producing unique and about 500-1000 word content on your domain main page, you will almost never get google slapped. And by that I mean paying $8 to $15.00 bids. The google review team will often look over your main domain page to see if its some cookie cutter site, comparing it with another landing page on the Adwords PPC network advertising for the same keyword.

If it does resemble, your keywords will be hit by $8.00 – $15.00, while the original site gets the low bids.

Google understands that people who pay for clicks must generate some sort of revenue. So while they want advertisers, they can't have 20 advertisers advertising the same message word for word.

Imagine a searcher clicking on 8 ads and visiting landing pages that are exact copies of each other. Because the ad is most of the time different, the searcher's expecation on clicking the ad would be a landing page providing content that is different, a contrasting view perhaps.

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Thursday's Pay Per Click Marketing Tips

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

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Lets dive in…

Question: How much should we set aside to see good profits in Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing?

Rule of thumb, if you plan to bid on 1000 keywords, you will want to set aside a budget of around $1000 and 7 days to test and get data.

Having many keywords or even long tail keywords may seem profitable, however, the truth is long tail keywords can be1 hit wonders plus you'll be spending more money weeding out the non profitable long tail keywords.

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3 Tips On Pay Per Click Marketing

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

When doing PPC, its important to note a few things.

1. Set aside a budget of $500 – $1000.

1st thing is to set aside $500 – $1000 to do PPC, especially if you plan to market products from the CPA or any other affiliate network. This is because keywords that center around products within the affiliate networks often will cost a premium if you plan to do search marketing and direct linking. Keywords surrounding these products will often convert, but will cost a premium. Its possible to earn a 50% ROI. So if you spend $1000, you can expect to earn around $1500, with $500 profit, in 15 days.

What happens if you don't have a $1000 PPC fund, then its best not to go for the obvious keywords that are making money. Leave that for the big boys that have Huge Limits on their credit card. Without a large PPC budget (say $3000 to $10000 per month), you probably can't survive sufficient clicks on the big keywords to test conversion, adjust bids and become profitable.

Some clicks can go for as much as $3.00/click and that's because these affiliates know their numbers and are prepared to earn less.

Some affilates break even on the big keywords and build a list where they will earn from the backend.

However, if you're starting with a smaller budget, it doesn't mean you can't be profitable. In fact you can be more profitable by doing a little extra homework.

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