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Online Marketing Tips

Monday, December 28th, 2009

These are the kinda problems the higher then average earners will face. If you're doing $500 to $1000 a day, that's good, then there're some that do $5000 per day, even better then.

1. Accounts Get Banned – There's been a major clean up over at Google Adwords. The life time ban from using the google platform has affected MANY online marketers. It does not only affect those that run the google biz type of ads, those that run poor quality acai ads, funky rebills as an affiliate are also hit. For most affiliates that have lost their adwords account, getting back into the adwords game requires tons of new credit cards, and learning how to clear cookies from your computer. Not for the faint hearted.. 

But if you have a campaign with Adwords that's earning $1000 per day, its worthwhile to get back in to the game with the big G. If you're new to online marketing, try using MSN and Yahoo instead, get some exposure there before tackling the Google giant.

2. Campaigns Get Deleted – This happened to a friend. He was an overachiever and created 10,000 keywords in 1 day in a span of 12 hours. Along came an admin who deleted the entire campaign and banned the acccount.

3. Leads Get Shaved – This happens in the CPA marketing industry. The most one can do is write in to the network and trust they'll look out for your interest by crediting you with leads that were lost. Most of the time, you can expect a return of 1/3 of the actual sales that was lost.

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