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Promoting Recurring Billing Products

Its a good idea to promote recurring billing products because as compared to a one time commission, you get to earn a few times over the long run. When promoting recurring billing items, its important to take note of a few things. 1. Recurring Billing Items That Are Hidden Cost. Some items have their cost hidden in the terms and conditions. These items can be quite profitable, however, they need to be within the VISA guidelines. Its easy to get in trouble when there are enough complaints against [...]

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Looking Back at 2009, Now 2010!

For all online internet business owners, starting out as an Entreprenuer is mostly a lonely road. If my experience and others who have started their own niche business is anything to go by, it always starts with a dream. Whether it be working at your own time, working from anywhere in the world, waking at 10am while everyone is rushing to work, or just plain getting financially well in just under a year. Once we have made up our mind, we sling a backpack over our shoulders and start walking. Those that finally [...]

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Working With Google Adwords

Adwords quality score - The quality score is awarded by Google to determine how relevant a landing page is to their searches. If the quality score is high, the lower the cost is. Often once a page has been visited by the google bot, if it has a bad quality score, the QS is going to stay that way, which is not a good thing because it translates to expensive clicks which can be unprofitable for a business. If the QS is high, its going to be profitable [...]

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