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3 Factors To Consider Before Building a List To Earn Money Online

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

You may have heard of the term list building and its usually associated with online wealth. The successful list builders have a good relationship with their subscribers and this list is often responsive to new offers available. For example, some lists that im subscribed to are new playstation 3 games where we can preorder for additional discounts when the dealer brings new titles in. 

Here're some of the customer lists you can look to build online.

1. The Mass Consumer lightning list that makes 6 figures a year

This kind of list is usually associated with products that earn you anywhere from usd18 to usd90. You will be wanting to build a list that purchases immediately after opting into your list.It can be a dating program, muscle building, male enhancement products, insurance. All consumer type products are workable here. This money can be made  quick and when you have a list building campaign that works, there isn't much to do afterward until something like the google slap comes along 3 months down the road, by then, you'd have earn a good amount of money online and ready to embark on a new product.

Such list are usually built with paid advertising such as pay per click marketing, media buys, ppv, display, banner advertising.

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