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Manage Sherman’s $10K Per Month Websites.

Offer valid till September 19, 2010 I currently require an experienced webmaster to manage one of my online website projects that makes $10,000 PROFITS Per Month. I will hand over this turn key business to the webmaster to manage. Buy in to the business is $48,000. - At $7000 to $19,000 profits, share is as follows: 70-30% Sharing (70% my way) - At $20,000 or more profits, share is as follows: 40 - 60% (40% my way) What To Expect - Please Read. Not Your Usual Yadda Yadda. [...]

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Creating Rapid Income Online For The Long Term

The fastest way to create income online is to 1st start marketing another person's product. You can quickly set up these rapid income creators in a day or 2. Besides making money quickly, there are a few reasons why you want to do this. 1. Test The Market Testing is very important for the simple reason you can figure out the numbers before getting deep into the market. Let's say you're looking to sell scarfs. If your advertising expenditure is $10 for a $20 commission product, then your [...]

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Are You Paying $4.00 a Click For Adwords, PPV?

Many of us have this problem. Paying $3.00 or even $1.00 a click. When this happens, one of 2 things will happen. 1. Either you run out of money 2. Your profit margins are minimal Rather then spend $4.00 in a competitive niche. Use that money to have someone write articles. Article marketing when done right is a diversification of traffic generation that a good marketer should have in their traffic generation plan. Here's a guideline i use that may help you plan your business. 1. Get familiar [...]

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