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Groupon, Adwords and Google

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Google offered to buy Groupon for $6 billion which was turned down. Adwords belongs to Google and Groupon heavily uses this to advertise their services locally.

Hypothetically, if Groupon won't accept Google's offer, Google could turn around and say, "fine, no more advertising your business on our adwords platform." Followed up by their famous Google Ban cut and paste email summarised as "We have the right to not accept advertising based on our discretion. Our privcy policy allows us to not disclose why."

That's Google telling Groupon, "Don't make an enemy out of me, or I will squash you like i did to 100,000 advertisers.  Work with me or no LOCAL advertising for you."

Except this time, Groupon has the financial muscle to swing back. Just like China smacking Google down a few notches and forcing Google to heavily reinvent their search for the China market, much to Google's dismay.

Ah well… inception scenarios over… time for us to start selling online.

Issues When Working With Bing Adcenter

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Msn Adcenter is Bing's Search Engine Pay Per Click platform.

One issue you might run into with them is the hold they can place on your account.

While the hold isn't a ban, like the way the Google Ban is which bans you for life, this temporary hold can put your income out for a week.

This often happens when there are billing issues like when billing does not go through.

If you try to open another account, that account can get hung up also. and its automated.

So if you intend to market with Bing advertising, remember to keep a credit card dedicated for that use only and keep your credit limits high, especially if you run big adspend dollars on their platform.

other thing is..

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The Free Gift To Build Lists Adwords Technique

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

This method is no longer acceptable on adwords. While this method was much taught before the adwords banning in 2009, and was very successful, its now no longer acceptable practice with Adwords.

This method can still be used in every other advertising channels.

Here are Lander Examples that will get your Adwords account in trouble.

Examples of prohibited websites:

  • Websites that offer a free gift in exchange for personal information
  • Websites that request personal information to get the results of a survey or quiz

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2011 – Happy New Year One And All!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

To Everyone Who Aspire To Do Better, May You Achieve What You Set Out To Accomplish This 2011.

To Your Great Success, And A Year Filled With Fortune And Fulfilled Goals!