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Volume or Single Conversions

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

When it comes to marketing, remember, its a numbers game. When you're selling a residual income product likle Global Domains International, you need to have a certain volume of clicks every day.

A volume of clicks can come from emails sent out daily with a link to your offer, or from traffic sources whether it be from Search Engine Optimisation or Paid Traffic.

Generally, you want to send 500 clicks to an offer. You'll find that 100 clicks may not give you the conversions you're looking for, the higher the cost of the item, the more clicks you need to send.

Once you know the numbers, then you have a target to hit, meaning, if you send 100- 150 clicks and no sales, while 500 clicks gets you 3 to 6 sales…. work to get 500 clicks to that offer daily.

Sometimes we may get lucky and get 1 conversion from a single keyword. If the traffic is volumous, that's a gold mine, you probably be making $200 and sometimes $1000 a day. If its not consistent high volume traffic, that keyword is just a bonus.

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