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Google Adwords Suspending Everyone…Almost

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

In Google Adwords bid to cull advertising they consider undesirable, many good advertisers have also been hit, and have had their business shut down because they can't find any new source of customers.

2 common areas that are quickly shut down by Adwords are the "make money" websites that try to advertise on Adwords.

An Ad that says "Make $5000 a month" is almost certainly shut down by the Google Bot. A manual review may take place which confirms that decision.

That manual review is usually done by someone from India. Inferred by an Indian name at bottom of every Suspension email.

Weight loss landers, are very easily fall prey to the google adwords bot as well. Certain words on the lander that give the Bot cause that weight loss is too "fantastic or quick" gets an account permanently suspended. A manual review from india may or may not help. Even if you are a legitimate weight loss website with a brick and motar business, your website can still be prohibited from every advertising on Google Adwords once the suspension review is determined final by the Indian vetting center.

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No money to invest, then do MLM..or Start a Niche Blog

Saturday, September 10th, 2011
  • MLM is a great way to make money. Especially if you don't have much capital to invest.

By relying on the efforts of your team, you can rely on the efforts of others to make you money.

Some folks don't like the idea of their upline making money of them, or I often hear folks complain that their upline isn't helping them.

Look, if you want your upline who is probably well off to sit up and notice you, then you must be a successful downliner.

Success attracts success, show that you can perform, and your upline will start to notice you, perhaps do a JV with you someday.

That said, don't rely on someone else to make you rich. Count on your own, find success, learn by observing… DOING and success is around the corner.

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2 Jobs That Allow You To Work From Home.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011
  • The 1st job is to work as a real estate assistant. What this job comprises is to set up meetings and handle phone calls for real estate agents.

The real esate agent will conduct a house viewing and if the sale goes through, you earn a share of the commission.  The pay out would be around 20%.

  • Another good job would be assisting marketing companies send out newsletter or emails. Newsletters help the company stay in touch with their customers.

Whenever you draft and email, you get paid for newsworthy content.

To Your Success!