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3 Tips When Growing Into A Niche

1. Here's how website marketing looks like from my view, when I start. We 1st start out testing 4 websites. You'll find that there out of 4 sites, there will one particular niche that you do well in. Do well means you may not be the best, but you do well because... - not many competing products - in a country where people have ability to buy online - in  country where the language is a barrier for your current competition who thus cannot advertise in your country [...]

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Global Domains International Question

Global Domains International Question Question: hi sherman, just to check how do earn commision? through? i'm not very sure about how it goes about. Much thanks! Answer: Gdi pays $1 for everyone referred by u and anyone else. Examples. If u refer 1 and that person refer 9. Commission is $10 month. If u refer 5 and they each refer 1. Commission is $10 a month. If u refer 1 and that person refer 99. Commission is $100 a month. Check will be sent to your address. Rgds, [...]

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Call To Get Your Adwords Account Back…

Even legit companies can potentially get their adwords accounts banned. They could be promoting Nike Shoes and have their account banned for claiming that Nike shoes have the ability to let you jump higher because of a special foam technology, even if its true. eg, Standford University has Alumni that Change the World. This claim could get the adwords account banned. to an editorial team who has never heard of Standford University, its too hypey. not everyone knows the creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came [...]

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Cost Per Action Marketing – Testing Your Way To Success

Here's CPA stats for a campaign i was testing. It wasn't profitable off the bat. The 1st day, I setup the campaign and went to sleep. Next day, an expenditure of USD200 and revenue of USD66 from 1000s of clicks with 3 conversions. "Hmmm, all in a days work" Mr Choo thinks to himself. "Looks like the volume is there, now i just need to laser out whats working and negative the publishers sending bad clicks." After tweaking and testing on and off for 1 week, heres last [...]

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