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Consultation: Lost Your BingAds, Adwords Account and Want It Back?

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

"Sherman, Im no longer able to advertise on Bingads and Adwords 🙁 "

How Do I Know If My Account has been Banned? I did not get any error or email message.

Some scenarios where your account gets locked up and you're unable to use the Adwords or BingAds service again.

BingAds Ban

You'll find that you're unable to log into the account and are booted out to the main log in page. This means your account has been flagged as fraudulent. BingAds can append a .fraud at the end of your username.

Most will try calling in to BingAds support line. They'll inform you need to wait 3 days for a reply from Billing. 5% of the cases will get the account back, 95% will not be able to get back the account. Basically, you can expect a cookie cutter email that says "After review, we are unable to reinstate your account…"

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