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Case Study: Thoughts To Have When Scaling Optimising Clickbank Accounts

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Test Date: 9th March 2013

Traffic: Pay Per Click

Revenue Objective: To Scale and Optimise a Campaign from $90 to $900 a day

Target Profit: $1200 a day

Those that are full time PPC marketers will know that the ROI is usually very high. Think  spending $300 to earn $900, that's $600 profit. Its the easiest to start with and the cost is much less compared to other forms of paid marketing. Low Risk, High Return, that's like having your cake and eating it too!

Below is a snapshot of my clickbank account captured on March 23th 2013 . You will notice from 9th March to 13th March 2013, I had been running marketing tests.

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How To Scale and Optimise Earnings..

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

There are a few ways to scale and optimise earnings, lets go over 2 things you can implement quickly:

1. Expand into Countries outside the USA

Lets say you're doing a diet product promoting it in the USA, that product earns you 100% ROI. That means you spend $100 to earn $200 revenue, thats $100 profit.

(In Pay Per Click marketing, such ROI is quite typical.  You will find some elite PPC marketers able to spend $500 to earn $2500.)

The simplest way to scale, would be to create a SEPARATE campaign and target another country, say the UK.

Do not mix up the campaigns demographics up. I never do it that way, and I doubt the elite PPC players do it too.

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