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Stuff You’ll Need For Alternative Crypto Currency Mining

Checklist: a) R9 290X Radeon (x 3) At time of writing, Im able to get 950kh/s - 980kh/s from this video gaming card. IMPORTANT: Look out for the R9 290X Battlefield 4 edition. From my tests,   you'll want to get the Battlefield 4 Edition R9 290X Radeon as this is able to hit 950kh/s hash rates.  After spending many hours tinkering with settings to optimise the non-battlefield 4 version, the best I could get was a max hashrate of 850kh/s. So if you are in the group [...]

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Internet Money Making Systems for 2014

For many youths in their teens or 20's, the internet is the new "Wall Street", provided one makes an effort to learn, are willing to get into the mud be FOCUSED and grind it out. There are many ways to make your 1st million online, yet the most important is FOCUS, especially if you're a 1 man army working from a laptop. -Affiliate Marketing ($150,000 a year PROFITS is attainable) -Your own Niche Websites ($300,000 a year PROFITS is attainable) -Mobile Marketing (From my tests, the mainstream media [...]

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