3 Tips On Pay Per Click Marketing

3 Tips On Pay Per Click Marketing

When doing PPC, its important to note a few things.

1. Set aside a budget of $500 – $1000.

1st thing is to set aside $500 – $1000 to do PPC, especially if you plan to market products from the CPA or any other affiliate network. This is because keywords that center around products within the affiliate networks often will cost a premium if you plan to do search marketing and direct linking. Keywords surrounding these products will often convert, but will cost a premium. Its possible to earn a 50% ROI. So if you spend $1000, you can expect to earn around $1500, with $500 profit, in 15 days.

What happens if you don’t have a $1000 PPC fund, then its best not to go for the obvious keywords that are making money. Leave that for the big boys that have Huge Limits on their credit card. Without a large PPC budget (say $3000 to $10000 per month), you probably can’t survive sufficient clicks on the big keywords to test conversion, adjust bids and become profitable.

Some clicks can go for as much as $3.00/click and that’s because these affiliates know their numbers and are prepared to earn less.

Some affilates break even on the big keywords and build a list where they will earn from the backend.

However, if you’re starting with a smaller budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t be profitable. In fact you can be more profitable by doing a little extra homework.

What you want to do is find an angle of marketing that speaks to an audience on how a product solves their problem. By having a unique angle of sharing your products, you will get pass google’s quality score and be able to profit from keywords that have very little competition, simply because these keywords can’t convert without a particular marketing pitch, which is now unique to you. If you can’t think of a suitable angle, download this quick 2 page report.

A UNIQUE message is necessary to have a good quality score. Even a simple blog without good domain age nor many backlinks can get a good quality score if its message is unique and Google’s manual review team feels you are sharing a message that’s worth someone else’s time. Cookie cutter review sites will 100% fail Google’s quality score.

2. Stay away from 2nd Tier Networks, for now…

Do not go into 5 ppc networks all at once if you’re new. Start with the obvious big 3, Yahoo, MSN, Adwords. Stay away from the 2nd tier unless you know what you’re doing and have extra funds to test.

3. If your budget is only $500…

Do not go into MSN, Yahoo and Google. You’ll be spreading yourself very thin. Its very likely that you won’t even survive pass the 1st 3 days if the keyword you’re bidding on happens to be a popular keyword that requires $2.10 per click targeting the US market. Instead of branching into 3 networks all at once, focus your money into a single network to get as many clicks as you can. So rather then getting 20 clicks in Google, 20 clicks in MSN, and 20 clicks from Yahoo then running out of cash, get 60 clicks from 1 network (say Google) and that will give you a correct assesment whether that network is converting for that keyword. Once you’ve confimed that keyword is converting, focus your funds in the keyword for that network.

hope to share more tips when time avails, in the meantime, keep working hard and smart ūüôā

To Your Pay Per Click Success!


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