How To Get $75 Worth of Adwords Coupons FREE

July 23rd, 2010

These coupons come along once in a while, but when you get them, its like someone handing you $2000 in cash.

Adwords coupons are handed out by Article Directories.

Article directories are used by marketers to market their products and they often provide insightful tips that give benefits to their audience.

For marketers that are versed in article marketing and earn good back links as well as traffic from idexed articles, article directories also hand out FREE adwords coupons.

If you only have 1 author account, then you only get 1 adwords coupon. If you have many author accounts, then you get 1 coupon for every author account you hold that has contributed articles to the site.

A few good ones are

There you have it, try out article marketing and you'll not only earn a good income from this traffic, you'll also benefit from the adwords coupons given out from time to time!


To Your Success!


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