Google Slap And How To Get Around It

Google Slap And How To Get Around It

These days, everyone is suffering from the Google Slap.

Adwords Ban is very common now. Google Adwords reviewers have the authority to ban any site they perceive as “poor” user experience.

We all love to market info products. However, the days of marketing information products using Google Adwords are 99.9% over.

Most newbies start out trying to market CLICKBANK products.¬† Understand now that if its just a simple sales page, or a site that is of low quality which has received complaints by users writing in to “rip of sites”, telling of their negative experience, that domain will receive a low Quality Score, which means expensive $1.50 bids, or you might receive an outright ban.

But is this going to impede us from earning $1000++ a day?

Of course not! ūüôā

There are many ways forward to earn a good internet income, plus we can still keep Google Adwords in the picture.

One new way forward with Adwords is to move into the world of online ecommerce.

Having recently been to China, the manufacturing capital of the world, the profit margin is really really good, as good as info products.

Best of all, ecommerce sites don’t get adwords advertisers banned. You might get a 6/10 QS or 4/10, but you won’t get banned.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you try to run a make money online, get quick rich scheme, home business scheme, its easy to get banned by an Adwords manual reviewer because they can’t make out your “100% GENUINE get rich formula” from the other “get rich scams” thus the simple solution is to error on the safe side and ban everyone they deem has a potential to be fraudulent.

So where do we go now?

Start cashing in on the NEW Adwords riches by venturing beyond just info products.

Try marketing physical products because there is a ton of money here to be made there with Adwords.

More when I can…talk soon!

To Your Success!

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