5 Step Affiliate Article Marketing Formula

5 Step Affiliate Article Marketing Formula

Objective: Identify a problem then identify a product that solves that problem.

1. To look for problems, visit these sites:

-Yahoo Answers
-Wiki Answers
-Forums where people hang out. Read what they’re "unhappy" about.

2. Bear in mind what people need, then write an article with a problem solving approach.

The article must have a SEO headline. An SEO headline is usually the "problem phrase"
Think of what you want to sell. If you want to Anti Dustmite bed pillows, the article
could go like this.


Title: Asthma – Things You Can Do To Prevent Asthma

Body: Asthma is often hereditary and the patient is often allergic to dust and dust mites…
| Content
| Content
| Content
Old bed sheets and pillows that contain dustmites can lead to eczema and asthma outbreaks.
You can consider getting treated anti dustmite pillow covers which can greatly help in asthma relief.

Resource Box:  http://xxxxx.blogspot.com (Link to your blog)

Tip: Article directories don’t allow direct affiliate linking. So you’ll need a blog.

3. Place a copy of the article of this article on your blog.
Place affiliate banners about Anti Dustmite pillows on your blog.
Grab these links from CJ or ShareaSale.

4. Rewrite 50 versions of article which are unique and pass copyscape.

From my experience, its ok to have an article that has the same general meaning
in the articles so long as the phrasing of the words are different.
Use Power Article Rewriter if you want to do it yourself or outsource this to Elance.com
I do both. PAR for smaller projects, Elance for my massive projects.

5. Distribute the article to unique article directories.

Automate unique article distribution with an article dripping software.
You’ll need a software which distributes the unique articles to 1 unique Article directory.
In this way, you’ll be able to create 100s of UNIQUE  backlinks back to your blog
and good long term traffic to your Anti Dustmite blog.

Tip: Submitting 1 article to 1000 article directories is not effective. Google
wouldn’t want the 1st 10 links to all point to the same article in 100 directories.
Its necessary to combine steps 4 and 5. This allows the articles need to be unique
and available to 1 unique article directory.

Find 1 weekend. Get a cuppa of orange juice sit down and take action.

To Your Success!


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