Are You Paying $4.00 a Click For Adwords, PPV?

Are You Paying $4.00 a Click For Adwords, PPV?

Many of us have this problem. Paying $3.00 or even $1.00 a click. When this happens, one of 2 things will happen.

1. Either you run out of money

2. Your profit margins are minimal

Rather then spend $4.00 in a competitive niche. Use that money to have someone write articles. Article marketing when done right is a diversification of traffic generation that a good marketer should have in their traffic generation plan.

Here’s a guideline i use that may help you plan your business.

1. Get familiar with Pay Per Click Marketing. PPC is by far the best because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

I recommend Adwords, Yahoo and Bing. Most people hate Adwords right now because of how they are banning accounts. If you’re going to do Adwords, avoid using clickbank or any CPA type offers with them unless you know what you’re doing. Rather, go with ECOMMERCE type sites, such as Golf Clubs, Toys, Iphones, Etc…

2. Get familiar with Articles.

The way to do articles is to outsource it.

OUTSOURCE your articles because it is impossible to do everything. For myself, the best use of my time is to manage the traffic generation via paid marketing. Money made from here is then spent on hiring experts to help me out with work.

3. Check on the work.

You cannot allow outsourced work to fly solo. If you’re not careful, outsourced help may provide shoddy work and charge for it. Pay for good work and dump the bad.

I use.



To be successful, online marketing is a business. Surround yourself with performers and you’ll be 100% more likely to earning a good income online..

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