Creating Rapid Income Online For The Long Term

Creating Rapid Income Online For The Long Term

The fastest way to create income online is to 1st start marketing another person’s product.

You can quickly set up these rapid income creators in a day or 2.

Besides making money quickly, there are a few reasons why you want to do this.

1. Test The Market

Testing is very important for the simple reason you can figure out the numbers before getting deep into the market.

Let’s say you’re looking to sell scarfs.

If your advertising expenditure is $10 for a $20 commission product, then your profit is $10.

Simple enough.

One you know this, you can decide to venture deep into a market and acquire the product to sell for $40. Your ad cost is $10, your product cost is just $8.

$40 – $10 – $8 = $22

Profit is now $22 rather then $10.

2. Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams of income, especially as an online marketer is important. Life in the internet world is very fast paced. Today’s hotselling product can be gone tomorrow.

Google may change their algorithm and your advertising cost becomes so high its no longer profitable.

By getting into a few niches, this prevents you from losing your income compared to someone who puts all their eggs in 1 basket. Many an online marketer have lost their fortune just overnight when Google smacks hard.

Stay safe by getting diversified online.

There are 3 ways to do this.

1. Learn Multiple Traffic Sources

Big money can be earned by getting deep into a niche. If you can master 1 thing, learn to be a master of many traffic sources. As an online marketer, you live and die by the traffic sources you can master.

2. Get Into Multiple Niches

Some marketers will master 1 traffic source, then market 5 different products in that traffic source. Should 1 market, advertiser, merchant you’re affiliated with decide to wind shop, you have a 4 other products to work with.

Generally, there are no lack of products to sell online. There are however a lack of products that sell well.

If you discover a product that is hot selling or a drop shipper that ships out your products reliably, that is worth its weight in gold. Start to communicate with the merchant work out something profitable for the long term. It will benefit everyone.

3. Learn Multiple Traffic Sources and Get Into Multiple Niches

Top marketers will do number 3.  They promote Golf Clubs on Google, then promote Iphones on Yahoo, Then Promote Acai Berry On a Media Buy.

Once Acai Berry is successful, they then promote Acai Berry on Adwords, and promote Golf Clubs on Media Buys.

This takes effort but you’ll find that working hard to achieve this will safeguard your income many years down the road.

To Your Success!


To Your Success!


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