How To Be A 6 Figure Affiliate & Beyond…

How To Be A 6 Figure Affiliate & Beyond…

Have you ever wanted to travel for 6 months in a year, make money from any location and live free?

Online marketing allows this. There’re some important mind sets a Professional Online Marketer should have, so lets jump in.

1. Expand On Working Campaigns

A working campaign for me is one that earns at least a 2:1 ratio. If I spend $10,000 to market a product over the internet, it should bring in a revenue of $18,000 at minimum, at $8000 profit.

Such campaigns deserve special attention to build them out further. You can expand by doing any of the following.

– Going international. If you’re just promoting products in the USA, think of UK, Singapore, Malaysia.

– Build a list. A list of subscribers allows you to market to them over and over again. You can send an email blast out and make $2000 for just a few minutes work.

2. Source New Revenue

Treat this as an adventure. You never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you might hit stone, sometimes you might hit oil!

And this means constantly testing, trying out new things.

– From a Traffic Source Perspective

Some marketers who have done PPC and got hit by the Google Ban. Well they may now have gone into Social Marketing, Hired Programmers to do Iphone Apps, Gone in to Mobile Advertising.

There is no hard and fast rule. You just need to find pockets of traffic online that connect well with certain affiliate products and you’ll make the money.

Tip- Generally, if you can get a good volume of traffic, switch out offers to see what connects with that traffic. Just because your initial offer does not convert with that traffic,doesn’t mean the traffic is no good. So long as its GENUINE eyeballs, you can make money from it.

Put another offer out there and split test it. As you gain more experience, you will start to have a list of offers that you know work. By having that knowledge, it becomes easier to test new things and figure out if a traffic source if fraudulent.

– From a Product Perspective

1. There’re so many niches one can promote. You can test going into a niche that is less competitive but just you and another guy is digging that gold.


2. You can go into a niche that is competitive and the money is good but you need a special angle to get into the market.

I think its best to do mixture of both because both of them have their advantages.

The 1st one has less competition, Good. But it has way less traffic.  We enjoy the benefits of less competition and now try to work on the kinks of lesser traffic.

How do we do this?

By getting more traffic sources.

If Adwords brings in 100 visitors a day. You go out to, invest in  someone to write your blog till it brings SEO traffic. At the same time, you test new sources of media buys. Many little sources of traffic will add up to a profitable flow of eyeballs.

The 2nd one has a ton of searchers. Just adwords alone may bring in all the visitors you need. The problem here would be there is just too much competition. So… you need to start looking at a unique angle to bring in the the traffic.

Say you wanted to market a “bass fishing tutorial”. And its a difficult niche to enter on its own via Adwords or SEO.

If you try to bid for “Bass Fishing” on adwords, you and I will be out of money quickly as we compete at $1.00 a click.

You will need to think of a certain keyword that has alot of traffic. For example, you might then think of Bass Fishing Foods.

By creating a site that talks about the foods Bass Fishes like to eat, you can now enter the Bass Fishing market at a lower cost when it comes to Pay Per Click Marketing. Your site is optimized with content about this.

Once you have that traffic, you can now share with that traffic the “Bass Fishing Tutorial” you’ve been wanting to promote.


By building a list of subscribers as mentioned at the very top of the post.

To Your Success!


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