$100,000 in 3 months with Adwords

$100,000 in 3 months with Adwords

It is amazing what the internet can do. They way Google Adwords is structured now, so long as you can offer a good service from your website. You can count on Adwords to send you a ton of traffic.

A couple of things you want to leverage are the following.

1. Use the Content network.

Adwords shows their ads on websites that place a tiny code from Adsense. This is Google’s publishing platform. Ads served on Adwords gets shown up on websites that have these little codes. 

One of the main problems with Adsense back in the early days was the fraud issues. As of now 2011, Adsense strictly polices for fraud and anyone caught clicking on their own ads will have their adsense account banned.

Long story short, use the adsense network. Try to aim for 1000 clicks a day.

2. Go wide…

On the adsense network… go wide. When I say wide i mean, don’t worry so much about QS, or quality score. Throw keywords at Adwords and see what sticks, what gives clicks. At the end of the day, folks clicking ad adwords ad, has already

been pre qualified. Hence for this, remember to have a good ad that encourages click throughs, and opt ins.

3. Opt-ins

Opt ins are basically folks giving your their emails. In 2011, its kinda hard to collect emails because Adwords doesn’t like this. Its considered a poor user experience. However, if you’re a well known site like groupon, their, yes, you can

collect emails when someone hits your lander, otherwise, its much safer to give a preview 1st, then allow a user to click on a link that goes to your opt in page.

Adwords is very particular now about what goes on behind the lander. So if the opt-in is just a way to redirect traffic to an affiliate page, do not do this. Its gotten 10000000s of accounts banned.

What you want to do is keep the visitor on your website and offer a real service.

4. In order to make $100,000 in 3 months with Adwords…

2 ways. The 1st way is earning from a product that pays you around $38 to $45 per sale. 1000 clicks from adwords at 2% conversion rate and $45 per sale, earns you around $900 per day, or $27,000 per month.

General rule of thumb, you want to divide $27,000 by 2, that’s $13,500 profits on the front end. (with tracking in place, you can expect to make more then $13500 after some tweaks to the campaign)

The second way is to sell expensive items that gives commissions of $5000 or more… lets save that for the next post.

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