Beware of Fraud Charges/Identity Theft On Google Adwords

Beware of Fraud Charges/Identity Theft On Google Adwords

If you’re running some huge numbers on Adwords, small charges can slip in from other Parasite adwords accounts. This may go unnoticed until you stop running your adwords campaigns and notice small charges still coming in.

The charges will be around $0.34. $8.20, to $10.

It can go as high as $1000.

You can write in to Adwords to refund the money, but you will still incur a banking surcharge to recover it and its around $3 to $5.00. It will not be covered by Adwords.

This is an issue of identity theft, if you run an online business, 2 things you need.

1. Get an anti trojan software to prevent hackers from keylogging your online accounts. Use this.

2. Keep all your passwords varied and store them with a difficult master password. That master password should not be used for any other online account. Use this.

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