Cost Per Action Marketing – Testing Your Way To Success

Cost Per Action Marketing – Testing Your Way To Success

Here’s CPA stats for a campaign i was testing. It wasn’t profitable off the bat.

The 1st day, I setup the campaign and went to sleep.

Next day, an expenditure of USD200 and revenue of USD66 from 1000s of clicks with 3 conversions.

“Hmmm, all in a days work” Mr Choo thinks to himself.
“Looks like the volume is there, now i just need to laser out whats working and negative the publishers sending bad clicks.”

After tweaking and testing on and off for 1 week, heres last 2 days worth of stats.

Stats for 6th March & 7th March

Clicks: 1,301

Adspend: USD123.29

Conversions: 52

Cost Per Conversion: USD2.37

Payout: USD22

Profit Per Day is USD510

How To Scale

From here. Many things one can do to scale:

-Test a few more countries
(Split out the countries in different campaigns so you know which country is sending volume and converting!)

-throw in an opt in and build out a sales funnel

-set up another account to run multiple ads.

-throw another traffic source into the mix.

Idea is to milk it while the traffic lasts, since changes are just an offer being pulled, or slap away.


-Have tracking in place so you can dump what sucks. A little tracking pixel
may seem insignificant but it will make or break campaigns.

-see what is losing money, see where the volume is. Do little small tests.
(example, test a mobile campaign WITH wifi, then test a campaign WITHOUT wifi)

-Single out what’s working, go back and try again.

-Try best to keep wordings and landers compliant to keep editorial team away.
Its 1 less thing to worry about. If you’re good at cloaking, then good for you.
Just remember to have the ability to standby a few accounts.
(I have no idea how to cloak so I just have to work within editorial rules)

-Milk it while the milking lasts. USD510 profits a day = USD15300/mth.
A little bit more work and that can go up to USD30,000/mth.

-Be a BLUE OCEAN FISHERMAN. a blue ocean fisherman may even catch more fish then a top fisherman fishing in saturated waters.

***Don’t forget to ask CPA network for some bumps once you’re adding value to the advertiser.***

To Your Success!
Mr Choo

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