Call To Get Your Adwords Account Back…

Call To Get Your Adwords Account Back…

Even legit companies can potentially get their adwords accounts banned.

They could be promoting Nike Shoes and have their account banned for claiming that Nike shoes have the ability to let you jump higher because of a special foam technology, even if its true.

eg, Standford University has Alumni that Change the World.

This claim could get the adwords account banned.
to an editorial team who has never heard of Standford University, its too hypey.
not everyone knows the creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came from Standford.

eg. is a new website from Slide, a Google subsidiary, where people looking for help with a problem can utilize the time and effort of a whole crowd of people to provide them with the best solution they can think of.

have you see their Google Adwords ads?

it says you can make $1000+ for participating in

Here is an ad, Google subsidiary.. are you sure im going to take home $1000+? Does everyone take home $1000+, or just a small percentage?

If its just a small percentage, how is it that claim on the Ad is allowed to run. Because is a subsidiary of Google?

The whole point of this is the Editorial’s team perception of your website. From their actions, it shows that if you are a big company or a subsidiary of Google (, then claims they make have a chance of slipping by. If you’re unheard of company, or an SME that does not have such big repute, an editorial team somewhere in the world can decide to ban you forever, which is a death sentence for alot of SMEs who rely on Adwords to get their business of the ground.

There is an advertisement by Google on You Tube that claims how they are the good guys ridding the net of the bad guys.

800,000 advertisers they claim. Would you believe me if I told you there is alot of collateral damage which includes many legit firms as well.

David Baker, Adwords, Chief Policy Maker, you can’t decide whether a company is legit or not when you don’t even know what is going on in the offline world, somewhere half way around the world.

A company like Iphone with this ad “Our Iphones Are Loved Worldwide” can get by.

or, Google subsidiary, “Make $1000++” can get by.

An SME company with an unknown brand with the same ad “Our xxxphones Are Loved Worldwide” can get potentially banned for hype and site policy. I have seen it happen. Adwords does not wholeheartedly work with SMEs to improve the site so it gets compliant. Its just a ban after forwarding a few emails back and forth. If your site is not comfortable to the eyes of Adwords review team, especially if your brand and products are not WORLDWIDE known, you’re in trouble.

Imagine having a contact form on your page. This can get your account banned because the editorial team felt it was “information harvesting”.  Could you imagine this, Prudential, Aviva, having a contact form on their site to generate insurance leads and having their account banned because a pair of eyes had never heard of Aviva (sounds a scam company), missed out a privacy policy at the bottom and banned them from reaching new customers with emails of site policy issues that give no room for recourse.

Point: Policy is subjective to the eyes of the editorial team, and with the 1000s of sites they need to review, you only have a few moments to proven your site worthy before its dragged into the “BANNED FOREVER” bin.

At this point…

Adwords emails will come telling you, how your site is taken down for site policy.


But there is a solution

ignore those emails, and do not be disheartened. these cut and paste emails the editorial team sends out are originating from a call center somewhere in the world.

Especially if the product is legit and belonging to a big brand, pick up the phone and call.

don’t be an email warrior, call, be fired up, but just call, especially if you are doing legit products. Don’t let inefficient people who hv no idea about coffee ban your ads because your site says the beans come from the best plantations in brazil and they have no way of verifying it, and somehow on that day, felt it was too hypey.

*You can get your account back + the ADs up and running*

For Reference:

Worldwide Phone Support =>…answer=1385067

Last Note:

Whoever is in charge of Adwords Editorial Policy (David Baker), needs to come down heavy on the lower tier grunts running the show, or pay them more so they do a better job of editorial policing.


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