3 Tips When Growing Into A Niche

3 Tips When Growing Into A Niche

1. Here’s how website marketing looks like from my view, when I start.

We 1st start out testing 4 websites.

You’ll find that there out of 4 sites, there will one particular niche that you do well in.

Do well means you may not be the best, but you do well because…

– not many competing products

– in a country where people have ability to buy online

– in  country where the language is a barrier for your current competition who thus cannot advertise in your country or find it hard to.

– cost of the traffic is low. Low usually means not more then $0.30 a click. trying to get as low as $0.10 a click.

2. For paid marketing channels, provide a good user experience, its getting essential…

For example, say we enter the skin care niche (that is a big money niche, many ladies will visit facial salons and spend $2000-$3000 on anti wrinkle packages)

We need a unique way to capture an audience attention and from a marketing perspective, reach and audience that no one has touched, or have difficulty reaching.

In most big money niches, the audience has been captured in many online platforms. However, because of new online regulations, many websites are taken down and prevented from advertising from the search and social platforms.

This means, if you can build a site that has good user experience, there is alot more money now for the taking.

3. Once you have started to become profitable, its time to build out the traffic sources further.

Traffic source is the lifeblood. Organic SEO is great, but to hit the ground running, you need paid marketing. Its smarter to spend money you can make back, then to lose 1 month trying to win an SEO war that might not turn out in your favor.

Paid traffic is a curious thing. One day, the traffic source will be working for you, the next, your ads could be getting disapproved, and when that happens, traffic, leads and income is lost.

Having a multi approch to getting traffic will keep your profits safe.

Next post, should you stay in 1 niche, or have many many niches..

To Your Success!


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  1. Jasmine Toh April 11, 2012 at 8:40 am

    Hi Sherman,
    I’m Jasmine, I already purchase your jobreplacementformula product (pdf).
    How do I go about? Can you guide me? You have mentioned that do not need prefect knowledge on English…. I have purchased a lot of work from home product BUT its really can’t help me!! Hope you may assist me. I’m from Singapore, if possible can you contact me.

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