Consultation: Lost Your BingAds, Adwords Account and Want It Back?

Consultation: Lost Your BingAds, Adwords Account and Want It Back?

“Sherman, Im no longer able to advertise on Bingads and Adwords ūüôĀ “

How Do I Know If My Account has been Banned? I did not get any error or email message.

Some scenarios where your account gets locked up and you’re unable to use the Adwords or BingAds service again.

BingAds Ban

You’ll find that you’re unable to log into the account and are booted out to the main log in page.
This means your account has been flagged as fraudulent. BingAds can append a .fraud at the end of your username.

Most will try calling in to BingAds support line. They’ll inform you need to wait 3 days for a reply from Billing. 5% of the cases will get the account back, 95% will not be able to get back the account. Basically, you can expect a cookie cutter email that says “After review, we are unable to reinstate your account…”

Adwords Ban

Adwords will send a suspension notice example, “your site is against site policy”. You can still log into the account to check stats, the ads however will no longer run.

In both cases, once suspended, its for life.

In many cases people have moved on or gone back to day jobs simply because its very difficult to open up new accounts. Mum/Dad/Wife/Friend credit cards, new ips, new computers, and still the 2 services track down and close the accounts. In Bingads, within 15 mins to 2hours of an ad being live, you’ll be booted out to the main menu and unable to log back in. In Adwords, there’s a non-refundable $10 fee for every account created, the ads will come “under review” and after a few days, account is shut down citing reasons “we were unable to verify your billing address”

If you are at the end of the ropes and want a professional colleague in your corner with 7 years running his own campaigns (including Adwords affiliate campaigns which have caused many to lose their accounts) on Google Adwords and BingAds, learn about my consulting rates.

One-to-One Consulting Rate

One-to-One Consulting Rate¬†is a one time $10,000. My guarantee is I’ll stay’ll with you until you gain access back to Adwords advertising channels.


  1. With this knowledge, you won’t need to pay your friends, forum associates, cousins, money or share monthly profits for others to open up accounts for you. I’ve been down that road and its not good business acumen to have the fate of your IM business rely on others open up accounts for you to test new ideas and lander conversions. Plus, when others know how much you make per month, unfortunately, friends can become strangers when they want a bigger share of the profits.
  2. The Adwords bans means those that stay on are getting majority of the traffic to their own sites.
  3. Are you getting into mobile advertising? Admob was acquired by Google Adwords, and since then, they’ve shifted advertising features from Admob to Adwords. If you don’t have an Adwords account, you lose out on this huge traffic source monopolized by Adwords.

Be in control of your business, Hit me up on Skype: shermanchoo123

Talk soon!


PS: So expensive Sherman?

Look at it this way, for insiders who know the $xxx,xxx income one can generate on Adwords, but lost that income with a lifetime suspension, what is this investment in the grand scheme of things? The less one relies on others… the more stable your business will be. Plus, I won’t require any sharing of your Adwords campaign monthly profits. That’s all yours to keep.

For part time marketers that earn $100-$1000 a month, this is really not for you. Click here instead..

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    Hi Sherman, Can you explain to me further how does this works? thanks

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