Case Study: Thoughts To Have When Scaling Optimising Clickbank Accounts

Case Study: Thoughts To Have When Scaling Optimising Clickbank Accounts

Test Date: 9th March 2013

Traffic: Pay Per Click

Revenue Objective: To Scale and Optimise a Campaign from $90 to $900 a day

Target Profit: $1200 a day

Those that are full time PPC marketers will know that the ROI is usually very high. Think  spending $300 to earn $900, that’s $600 profit. Its the easiest to start with and the cost is much less compared to other forms of paid marketing. Low Risk, High Return, that’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Below is a snapshot of my clickbank account captured on March 23th 2013 . You will notice from 9th March to 13th March 2013, I had been running marketing tests.

From 9th March to 13th March, the revenue fluctuated between $230 to $467.26 back down to  $90.14. This is because being unsure how the traffic will perform ,  I will limit the adspend until I get an understanding of the ROI (Return on Investment)

After a few days of understanding my data, I will decide if I should ramp things up, throw more money in to Scale and Optimise the campaign, or just  walk away. (usually, when i get a nibble, i don’t walk away)

From Thurs 14th March 2013 onward, the monies have been steadied at  $900 and its now $1000 a day. Adspend is around $300 a day. If all continues as normal, then this campaign will do $600 x 30 = $18,000 a month PROFITS (not revenue)

Nutshell: That’s the benefits of scaling and optimization. It adds money to your bank account.

However, I don’t suggest we rest on our laurels as yet. That’s because things change quickly online. The product you’re promoting could be gone tomorrow, or the traffic source may take a turn for the worst.  (Think account bans, slaps, suspensions etc… Those that have had account bans, you would understand, those that have no bans, probably haven’t earn their colors yet as an online marketer)

– Have a Second Traffic Source and a Second Clickbank Account for Insurance

Whilst conducting above test, at the same time, I had introduced a second Clickbank account to test traffic from another source and WITH THE SAME OFFER.  A second traffic source protects me from starving in case something bad happens to the 1st one. Think of it as insurance.

Now, we don’t push traffic to the same account as above. Rather, we use another clickbank account.

Having 2 separate accounts, tells me at a glance how much im spending and how much im earning.

So if i spend $100, I just check the 1st account to see how much was made that day. If I make $300, then at a glance, I can tell  $200 profit was made with the 1st traffic source.

Then I do the same with the 2nd account.

If i had lump earnings made from the 2 traffic sources into the same clickbank account, i’d have to do additional tracking by excel spreadsheets to figure out which traffic source brought the conversions… and thats not productive.

Below is the 2nd Clickbank account, similar to the 1st one, traffic was increased on 14th March. So this gives additional income protection.

In a nutshell, when things are looking positive, we must milk it as hard as possible before the winter comes:

-1 account earns $600 profits a day

-2 accounts earn $1200 profits a day


$36,000 a month Profits

Parting thoughts:

In 2013 , the new age marketer needs to have a few skills.

-be able to open up new accounts. without this knowledge, once an account goes down, its back to the day job and a day job salary.

-be able to scale and optimised. you do this by inserting conversion tracking pixels. There are many ways to track conversions, this is the easiest method.

-copy writing skills, should have an eye for words, be a word smith

-have some money to invest, use money to make money, and don’t go for glory and riches, think of how much you can lose and be conservative in spending. Its better to lose a few soldiers in small skirmishes then lose the entire war fund and never recover. Similarly, I don’t win all my fights, but those that I do are usually home runs.

To Your Success!



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