3 Things To Consider When Starting Your Internet Business or Next $1,000,000 App

3 Things To Consider When Starting Your Internet Business or Next $1,000,000 App

1. Lets Build The Next Big Apple App..

There are many people who start of developing apps and programs, websites in the hope that it will be the next big thing. Truth is, if there were a 100 apps, only the top 10% would do extremely well, the rest would simply die a natural death. The ability to market a product is more important then the product itself. If the app developer has a internet marketing partner who understands how to generate traffic to an app at minimal cost and quickly produce an ROI, then not only will the app gain subscribers and traction, the business model is able to fund itself from the start. I seen many app developers whose projects simply die midway through the development process simply because they had no way to garner enough subscribers for the apps to gain critical mass, or too much money is burned in the marketing phase of their app simply because the “marketer” is not experienced enough to produce an ROI for small start up apps.

Then there are small app developers that develop simple helpful apps and with the right traffic generation skills and monetisation, are able to earn $10,000 to $20,000 a month just arbitraging traffic. (Buy traffic to your site for cheap then sell it for a profit to advertisers who advertise on your site)

2. Insufficient Cashflow

Any millionaire knows that the best way to make money is to have a cashflow turnover where money makes money. In the business of Internet Marketing, you can turn $100 into $1000, thats $900 profit a day. Property agents I’ve trained have gone on to earn $200,000 to $500,000 a year, with an investment of $100,000 into advertising. Convert $100,000 into credit card points, and thats $1000s of dollars in 5 star massages one can visit all year long for free.

Starting with as little as $10,000, this investment can turn into a $1,000,000 in 3-7 years.

Don’t have at least $10,000 to invest? Otherwise, save up and live as minimalistic as possible for the time being.

3. Clock in the hours to gain enough experience…

Good information comes at a cost of relationship building and bringing something to the table. When you have something of value to give, others will be willing to trade value with you.

Its important to put in the time, gather enough experience to discern value.

With little clue and insufficient time spent in an Internet Business, one is not able to utilize the best information that is given to them and perceive it as useless. The same information given to an individual who has spent enough time on the business will recognize the information for what it is and go on to earn themselves $100,000 and then more in time to come.

Experience means knowing whether information put out is false or true. For example, running CPA direct link mobile offers on Adwords can get an account suspended. This is one information that CPA affiliate managers don’t say. But if you were within a tight circle of like minded individuals all building campaigns, testing new ideas, then bringing value back to the group, you will hear juicy morsels of information such as…

-“hey, don’t direct link CPA mobile offers, adwords accounts will get suspended”

-“hey, try this script, it will show you which Screen Size and hand set model is converting”

-“hey, avoid running these CPA offers to these mobile networks, save your money, they don’t covert”

-“Be an affiliate for this product, it coverts like crazy with an EPC of $2.50”

-“Here is a list of sites to add to the exclusion list, they dont convert.”

Being with the right people will make you alot of money because they actually do what they share and help you avoid the pitfalls.

And how do you get to be with the right people, by clocking in the hours so when you meet with someone capable, you have the ability to talk the same language and bring value to the table.

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