A Different Kind Of Wealth!

A Different Kind Of Wealth!

A way to make money online is to go into product marketing. We’re looking at ebay, alibaba, places where you can source for products then sell. Most of these products are manufactured in China, where the overhead and cost is low. Many good brands like the apple iphone are made in china also.

As a home business entreprenuer, you’ll want to be sourcing products from the smaller local factories or from the whole sale centres. I have been in GuangZhou for 1 month already and will share 1st hand the pros and cons you can expect to find here in China.


1. Price – The cost is cheaper, and that leaves sufficient margin to be profitable in the profitable world of online product marketing.


Reliability is an issue.

There’s a saying, if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys, that’s fair enough,

The problem comes when you pay a higher price in exchange for better value, BUT still get monkeys.

1. Product Reliaibilty – Of the suppliers that i’ve met and the samples i’ve tested, the product reliability failure rate can be as high as around 50%. Even the "bigger" brands can have issues.

2. Support – For consumers in English speaking countries where many are familiar with 7 day exchanges if the product fails, such support can be found in China only if you have the "guan xi" or connections. You know somebody in the company who makes sure your products get replaced. There is no strong governing policy where complaints can get heard. Phones don’t get answered, customer support call lines are engaged. 

Bigger Brands

One way to solve this is to try to talk to the head or the boss, if he does not assist, talk to his boss, until someone listens and gives the green light to replace defective products. Employees have no decision making power and will not help you replace your products so you will want to cut out this middleman and save yourself time and money by speaking to the person who can make a decision. If you hit the top of the food chain where the big kahuna is also unwilling to assist, then its best to just source for a different organisation to work with.

Smaller Shops

For the smaller shops, its a weighted risk. Try best to state all terms upfront clearly because likely, the person you’re talking to is already the boss. Dicuss the return policy, and meet up with the person face to face often to iron out the teething problems such as return or exchange of defective products, which will 100% occur early stages in the cooperation. For myself, I wrote terms on a proforma invoice just so everything discussed was written and the witten word minimises future potential conflict on defective products returns/exchanges/replacement.

More on the China experience and more tips to earn good money with product marketing. I’ll be back in Singapore by July.

The Wealth is Yours!

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