Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing – ROI & PPC Networks

//Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing – ROI & PPC Networks

Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing – ROI & PPC Networks

Making money online with pay per click marketing is a skill that takes time and practice to learn. Seed money needs to be put in in order to learn the ropes of this business. Pay per click marketing involves being versed in a couple of things, including tool usage, pivot tables in Excel to track ROI, tracking of keywords that convert, and design of good landing pages.

Let's look at 2 quick PPC tips.
1. Pay Per Click Engines.

The 3 main pay per click engines are Yahoo, MSN and Google. Generally competition in all 3 engines are challenging, especially if you're trying to target products from the affiliate networks known to most affiliates. Most affiliates that try to go in to Pay Per Click marketing will often get burnt and lose about $200 to $300 in a few days. This is because PPC is not as simple as slapping a few keywords together and hoping that people buy a certain product. In fact, I would say that some top affiliates actually spent 50% of their earnings to develop campaigns and test new messages of what caters and addresses the concerns of their audience. So if you're completely new to PPC, just aiming to break even is the correct mindset one should adopt.

2. Tracking ROI

ROI or Return on Investment just means earning more then you spend. If you invest $200 a month, there should be a business model where you can reap $20,000 somewhere down the road. It could be a health seminar if you're into selling health juices, or getting new distributors to be in your downline. Or, if you're in the fitness industry, perhaps share your $1000 training program sometime in the near future. Understanding the lifetime value of your customers will allow you to have an edge in PPC marketing because you will have a maximum bid of how much you should spend.


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