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Vietnam Tom – Cashing in on Traffic with videos

Video marketing is a great way to get traffic. Its free and you can leverage on folks to do remakes to get your content out. If you haven't heard of it, Vietnam Tom is a video that has been shared on youtube, now making its way to traditonal online media, radio etc. One easy way right now to make money with Vietnam Tom video is to create a remake of the original Vietnam Tom footage, place a self defence course at the description.. "Whoop Ass like Vietnam Tom" [...]

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Beware of Fraud Charges/Identity Theft On Google Adwords

If you're running some huge numbers on Adwords, small charges can slip in from other Parasite adwords accounts. This may go unnoticed until you stop running your adwords campaigns and notice small charges still coming in. The charges will be around $0.34. $8.20, to $10. It can go as high as $1000. You can write in to Adwords to refund the money, but you will still incur a banking surcharge to recover it and its around $3 to $5.00. It will not be covered by Adwords. This is [...]

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$100,000 in 3 months with Adwords

It is amazing what the internet can do. They way Google Adwords is structured now, so long as you can offer a good service from your website. You can count on Adwords to send you a ton of traffic. A couple of things you want to leverage are the following. 1. Use the Content network. Adwords shows their ads on websites that place a tiny code from Adsense. This is Google's publishing platform. Ads served on Adwords gets shown up on websites that have these little codes.  One [...]

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Bulk Buy Sites, Groupon,, Beeconomics, Living Social, Big Deal, and the 100s more I haven’t mentioned

When in northern china, I was on a train when I learnt about This was a bulk buy site that did pretty well featuring daily deals for meals. How they got the business off the ground was to have 20 employees line in front of each of the restaurants, then enter to speak with the manager about offering 50% discount if enough customers were introduced. The site has done very well. Some of these Chinese groupon clones have made their owners over night millionaires. Cool :) I [...]

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Groupon, Adwords and Google

Google offered to buy Groupon for $6 billion which was turned down. Adwords belongs to Google and Groupon heavily uses this to advertise their services locally. Hypothetically, if Groupon won't accept Google's offer, Google could turn around and say, "fine, no more advertising your business on our adwords platform." Followed up by their famous Google Ban cut and paste email summarised as "We have the right to not accept advertising based on our discretion. Our privcy policy allows us to not disclose why." That's Google telling Groupon, "Don't [...]

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Issues When Working With Bing Adcenter

Msn Adcenter is Bing's Search Engine Pay Per Click platform. One issue you might run into with them is the hold they can place on your account. While the hold isn't a ban, like the way the Google Ban is which bans you for life, this temporary hold can put your income out for a week. This often happens when there are billing issues like when billing does not go through. If you try to open another account, that account can get hung up also. and its automated. [...]

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The Free Gift To Build Lists Adwords Technique

This method is no longer acceptable on adwords. While this method was much taught before the adwords banning in 2009, and was very successful, its now no longer acceptable practice with Adwords. This method can still be used in every other advertising channels. Here are Lander Examples that will get your Adwords account in trouble. Examples of prohibited websites: Websites that offer a free gift in exchange for personal information Websites that request personal information to get the results of a survey or quiz However, you still can [...]

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“What Do I Want To Accomplish For 2011?”

Hv you ever felt there is an income celing that you'd like to break through? It may be $4000 per month, $7000 a month, $15,000 a month, $20,000 a month, $100,000 a month. We all have a number in mind. Whats yours? Whatever it may be, it all starts with a seed, a thought. "I want to make $500 per day online with just a laptop" Then comes... "How do I do it?" From there, the steps will unravel one by one. There may be obstacles along the [...]

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An Email From Someone Who Spent $1000s Online…

I woke up to a snowy morning herein Greater China and read this email from a subscriber. Massod has been searching for a way to earn his 1st dollar online. He has paid $1000s of dollars to learn online marketing and yet to see any return. ====================== Subscriber Email ====================== Dear Mr.Sherman After seeing this video online, now iam completely conviced. and now i know who you are. Iam sorry for the past email i replied u. i wrote it thinking that i was getting scammed. but after [...]

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Internet Marketing and $20,000 a month

I'm writing this from China, Liaoning. Gonna be here for 2 months. Here's a quick itenary. 1. China, Shenyang 2. China Guangzhou 3. Hong Kong 4. China, Shenzhen or maybe shanghai? 5. Singapore for the Chinese New Year 6. United States, New York (March maybe?) Pay Per View Traffic Its snowing here as im writing this. Looks like my affilate manager got changed, and the new affiliate manger does hv some good insights on PPV traffic. The basic idea for PPV is that you scrape domain names based on [...]

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How To Be A 6 Figure Affiliate & Beyond…

Have you ever wanted to travel for 6 months in a year, make money from any location and live free? Online marketing allows this. There're some important mind sets a Professional Online Marketer should have, so lets jump in. 1. Expand On Working Campaigns A working campaign for me is one that earns at least a 2:1 ratio. If I spend $10,000 to market a product over the internet, it should bring in a revenue of $18,000 at minimum, at $8000 profit. Such campaigns deserve special attention to [...]

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Manage Sherman’s $10K Per Month Websites.

Offer valid till September 19, 2010 I currently require an experienced webmaster to manage one of my online website projects that makes $10,000 PROFITS Per Month. I will hand over this turn key business to the webmaster to manage. Buy in to the business is $48,000. - At $7000 to $19,000 profits, share is as follows: 70-30% Sharing (70% my way) - At $20,000 or more profits, share is as follows: 40 - 60% (40% my way) What To Expect - Please Read. Not Your Usual Yadda Yadda. [...]

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Creating Rapid Income Online For The Long Term

The fastest way to create income online is to 1st start marketing another person's product. You can quickly set up these rapid income creators in a day or 2. Besides making money quickly, there are a few reasons why you want to do this. 1. Test The Market Testing is very important for the simple reason you can figure out the numbers before getting deep into the market. Let's say you're looking to sell scarfs. If your advertising expenditure is $10 for a $20 commission product, then your [...]

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Are You Paying $4.00 a Click For Adwords, PPV?

Many of us have this problem. Paying $3.00 or even $1.00 a click. When this happens, one of 2 things will happen. 1. Either you run out of money 2. Your profit margins are minimal Rather then spend $4.00 in a competitive niche. Use that money to have someone write articles. Article marketing when done right is a diversification of traffic generation that a good marketer should have in their traffic generation plan. Here's a guideline i use that may help you plan your business. 1. Get familiar [...]

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Its a Friday here in Singapore and I’m Going Fishing!

Well not fishing exactly, gonna hop over to Universal Studios (Singapore) and check out the rides, maybe pop into the Marina Sands Casino along the way. Quick unwind after a week of slugging out there with Google and finally sit down to some needed R&R. Random thoughts before I shut the computer down. While Adwords can be mean (and they've been pretty mean to pretty much everyone recently), and almost everybody is jumping ship to making money with plentyoffish, myads, trafficvance, mediatraffic, leadimpact, adbrite etc, and all different [...]

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Google Adwords Will Ban The Following Type Of Sites

Google will suspend AdWords accounts include (but are not limited to) the following: data collection sites that offer free items and the like in order to collect private information arbitrage sites without relevant and original content that are designed for the purpose of showing ads affiliate sites without relevant and original content that are designed to drive traffic to another site with a different domain "get-rich quick" sites malware sites that install software on a visitor's computer poor comparison shopping or travel sites whose primary purpose is to [...]

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Google Slap And How To Get Around It

These days, everyone is suffering from the Google Slap. Adwords Ban is very common now. Google Adwords reviewers have the authority to ban any site they perceive as "poor" user experience. We all love to market info products. However, the days of marketing information products using Google Adwords are 99.9% over. Most newbies start out trying to market CLICKBANK products.  Understand now that if its just a simple sales page, or a site that is of low quality which has received complaints by users writing in to "rip [...]

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How To Get $75 Worth of Adwords Coupons FREE

These coupons come along once in a while, but when you get them, its like someone handing you $2000 in cash. Adwords coupons are handed out by Article Directories. Article directories are used by marketers to market their products and they often provide insightful tips that give benefits to their audience. For marketers that are versed in article marketing and earn good back links as well as traffic from idexed articles, article directories also hand out FREE adwords coupons. If you only have 1 author account, then you [...]

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Received $750 Worth Of Free Google Adwords Advertising

Today, I just received $750 worth of Google Adwords Advertising via their promotional codes. About 10 in total. This is equivalent to Adwords putting $2250 in your bank account for free! This came as a surprise because a traffic generation strategy that I use consistent to this day happened to send me free coupons to help me get more traffic! I will detail this and what you need to do to get these $75 Adwords promotion coupons. Talk soon!

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