Black Ink Project – Jeremy "Inking" His Way To Online Cash

//Black Ink Project – Jeremy "Inking" His Way To Online Cash

Black Ink Project – Jeremy "Inking" His Way To Online Cash

Jeremy has come up with an affiliate blueprint for 2009.

Here are some of the key points addressed.

Test Your Niche – Before entering any niche, we need to know whether or not that niche is something people need. So its important to test with some money before going in full scale. Here you'll learn a method to quickly test a niche.

Develop a Successful Business Plan – This is going to be your business model, aka "looking at the big picture". This is where you generate your income for the long term. Could it be a seminar, a coaching program that you might want to offer?

Content Planning – Content planning allows you to create a systematic follow up to reach out to your audience. For example, if you're selling cosmetics, then you next step is to share with your audience to come down for make up work shops and why its important. A consistent flow is important in communicated your ideas to your people.

Creating a Site Blueprint – If you're into Google Adwords to bring traffic to your site, a good site with good design serves to give you a good quality score.

Professional Web Design for a Fraction of the Price – For those afraid of the techy stuff, you can easily hire someone to do this for you cheaply and Black ink tells you where to find these people.

Installing a WordPress Blog – WordPress is an excellent platform for any website. There are many affiliate plug ins that can help generate income for you quickly over the internet.

Outsourcing Web Projects – Outsourcing is an important part of Internet Marketing. It saves you time and often will generate more income then you ever could alone. People working in teams often generate better results then those that go a project alone. And it does not cost you a fortune, maybe just a dinner in a nice restaurant.

Finding Profitable Keywords – Some long tailed keywords generate alot of sales. In my experience, keywords that are problem oriented often generate sales. Say you're selling Asthma medication, so if you marketing Ventolin inhalers, you're gonna sell alot of that quickly and easily.

Setting Up and Optimizing Pay Per Click Campaigns – This is a whole study on its on. PPC is quite advanced and will allow you to pick out keywords that convert, once you learn how to set up tracking.

How to Build High Converting Landing Pages – Some words, articles, pages convert better then others. So its important to see how others sell their products then improve on it.

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All the best and Happy New Year!


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