Thoughts On Whether To Buy Traffic or SEO…

Thoughts On Whether To Buy Traffic or SEO…

Buying Traffic is good because it offers a perfect litmus test before deciding whether or not to enter a market. With the right traffic souces, you can easily do about $10,000 per month online in your niche, then go into more permanent traffic sources such as blogging, or putting fresh new content on the net.

Another good thing about paid traffic is that you can localise your money spent. If you’re only targeting customers in a country like Singapore, then producing content for an international audience might not even be necessary if enough paid sources of traffic are available at very cheap prices.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Your content can be indexed by google, yahoo in many ways. Common ways are putting videos on youtube, starting a blog, or article submission. When you go by such a route, your product should be international because its more profitable that way. Traffic from all around the world will drop by your site and you want to be able to monetise your site to the max.

You would also want to go in SEO when your site isn’t given a good QS by Adwords or Bing and you aren’t sure how to optimise it further for a good QS. For those new to Adwords, this advertising platform is quite picky when it comes to displaying ads. So if your site isn’t what they like from the start, its going to be difficult to fix it. If your business is something you berlieve in and is going to stay, then SEO is good to consider.

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