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Internet Money Making Systems for 2014

For many youths in their teens or 20's, the internet is the new "Wall Street", provided one makes an effort to learn, are willing to get into the mud be FOCUSED and grind it out. There are many ways to make your 1st million online, yet the most important is FOCUS, especially if you're a 1 man army working from a laptop. -Affiliate Marketing ($150,000 a year PROFITS is attainable) -Your own Niche Websites ($300,000 a year PROFITS is attainable) -Mobile Marketing (From my tests, the mainstream media [...]

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Buy an Internet Business For $51,570 (8 Nov 2013)

(8 Nov 2013) Looking to invest in a proven working internet business model? I have (1)  internet property available for 1 person interested to have a quick start into the internet business Cost Per Action Traffic Arbitrage scene. Earnings Per Month Advertising Cost: $1011.15 per month Revenue: $6,741 per month Profit: $5,729.85 per month Partner takes 90% profit sharing or $5,157 Partner investment cost will be $51,570 ie, $5,157 x 10 months. Work you will be doing: -  I will show you where to buy the traffic as [...]

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Case Study: Thoughts To Have When Scaling Optimising Clickbank Accounts

Test Date: 9th March 2013 Traffic: Pay Per Click Revenue Objective: To Scale and Optimise a Campaign from $90 to $900 a day Target Profit: $1200 a day Those that are full time PPC marketers will know that the ROI is usually very high. Think  spending $300 to earn $900, that's $600 profit. Its the easiest to start with and the cost is much less compared to other forms of paid marketing. Low Risk, High Return, that's like having your cake and eating it too! Below is a [...]

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How To Be A 6 Figure Affiliate & Beyond…

Have you ever wanted to travel for 6 months in a year, make money from any location and live free? Online marketing allows this. There're some important mind sets a Professional Online Marketer should have, so lets jump in. 1. Expand On Working Campaigns A working campaign for me is one that earns at least a 2:1 ratio. If I spend $10,000 to market a product over the internet, it should bring in a revenue of $18,000 at minimum, at $8000 profit. Such campaigns deserve special attention to [...]

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15 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website…

I was surfing in digital point forums when I came across a good post by NCmedia. They run an affiliate network similar to Clickbank. Took the gist of it out, and this information will certainly benefit you, regardless of what you're promoting online. In fact, if you can create a daily routine to work on some of these free traffic generation tactics, it will stand you in good stead. If you've heard or read about some of this techniques but haven't tried them, hopefully this post will motivate [...]

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Affiliate Marketing – PPC Advertising Resources

Here are Pay Per Click marketing advertising sources that you can use to drive traffic your website and business. BidVertiser (additional $20 worth of clicks here...while offer lasts) Google Adwords MSN Yahoo Search Marketing (additional $25 worth of clicks here...while offer lasts) Adbrite Facebook There are other ad networks you can use, these are the ones I've used myself. Hope it works out for you!

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