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Stuff You'll Need For Alternative Crypto Currency Mining

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


a) R9 290X Radeon (x 3)

At time of writing, Im able to get 950kh/s – 980kh/s from this video gaming card.

IMPORTANT: Look out for the R9 290X Battlefield 4 edition.

From my tests,   you'll want to get the Battlefield 4 Edition R9 290X Radeon as this is able to hit 950kh/s hash rates.  After spending many hours tinkering with settings to optimise the non-battlefield 4 version, the best I could get was a max hashrate of 850kh/s. So if you are in the group that bought R9 290X Radeon and unable to attain the 1000kh/s hash rates other R9 290X miners are hitting even with an optimised config file setting, this should explain why.

My buddies and I have split test this and have similar findings.


remember to get the optimised version of R9 290X and enjoy better hash rates.  higher hash rates means more $$$$.

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