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Crazy 2016 flew by… Clickbank, CPA, PPV traffic, PPC Traffic, Native Ads Buy

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

I remember when I first got started in affiliate marketing…back in 2006.

It took me 2 years of testing what really works online before I saw my first $1000 a day, then the flood gates broke open.

Because you would know the products that were converting well, the traffic sources, it wasn't crazy to earn $30,000 a month (PROFITS) from home, spending very little time once the initial framework was up.

Occasionally, hiccups would come in, such as credit card limit being hit. Then I would wake up the next day, check my accounts to see earnings were amiss, and I would run to withdraw $30,000 in cash from DBS bank over the counter, run over to UOB and pay off the credit card bill to keep the ads running. If you read between the lines, the road to getting rich online QUICK isn't about SEO. Its about paid advertising. Understand this, and you will earn $1000s if not $10,000s a month. They don't teach this in the university.

My 2 main interest right now are:

-expand my internet business into physical products sales

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Scaling up Traffic using Multiple Accounts.

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Multiple laptops allows me to have multiple accounts buying traffic from popular search engines and social networks.

Once I've found a way of spending $8 on traffic to earn $40, that's $32 profit. With this number in my head, that's when I bring out the other laptops to muscle up the traffic.

Each laptop represents a single account. That way, I get to have all my ads in specific web properties that are giving me converting traffic.

So because I'm serving multiple ads, it means I'm getting more clicks for the same price.

It also means I need to create multiple websites because websites that are similar suffer a quality score issue.

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2 Quick Tips to Making More Money With Your Ecommerce Business

Friday, September 26th, 2014

#1 Upsell, that means to introduce more items after the 1st sale.

As an example, a mother who buys baby wipes, would also very likely want to purchase a baby monitor.

While baby wipes are inexpensive at $10, a good baby monitor is around $180.  By packaging items and offering a good deal to the customer, one can quickly and easily triple up that income.

#2 Use words like…

"Killer Sale"

"Shocking Price"

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Clickbank invite to Miami

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Clickbank invites their income producing affiliates, product owners to network with fellow internet entrepreneurs that have achieved income goals on their platform.

It's good to show up in life and at such events because New doors, business relations, opportunities present themselves at such events.

Not to mention the driven people one can meet that will inspire you.

To the top. Sherman

Thoughts of Successful People

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Having been in the online marketing space for 7 years, i've had the opportunity to work with and observe patterns of success from 7 figure earners in the industry.

  • High income earners have similar traits. They will always be able to turn a bad situation around because they hv the right psyche. Thoughts patterns are "let's keep trying till we find something that works"

  • Undivided focus. That means to accomplish 1 thing at a time. There are many things that can be going on at the same time. Finish 1 task before going on to the next.

  • Avoid the negative people. They are poison and hv nothing to show for. If you are trying to do $200,000 a year, hang around those that earn that income. If you're aiming to earn 1 billion, study hard and become a top class programmer so you can run shoulders with Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Never get frustrated. The reason we pick up a sport or play a game is because of the challenge. Enjoy the challenge and the money will come. If the work frustrates you, then it's time for a career change and do something you enjoy.

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Have You Seized The Day? Have You Seized The 14 Hr Window To Earn $1000/Day?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

I was setting up a campaign 3rd Oct 2012 when this came to mind…

In Affiliate IM business, time is money from 10pm singapore time all the way to 12 pm the next day.

If the lines are not cast and set, we just lost the chance to earn $1000 during that 14 hr window.

Plus-In this business, top affiliates test ideas fast, test often, and do a realistic $100,000 – 200,000 in 1 year.

Its been a roller coaster ride of Downs and Ups…

The Downs – google slaps, adcenter bans, advertisers not paying, confidential market data and expertise "ninjaed" by ex-associates

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Mindset and Income Goals

Friday, July 20th, 2012

When securing an "income from home", we need to have a short term and a long term income goal in place.

  • Short term goals allow you to sustain for at least a year. The income one should expect from a short term goal should be in the $xxx,xxx range for the 1st year. This income won't last forever. Things move really fast on the internet. Back in the day, it wasn't too hard to just slap some traffic with an offer and become a millionaire in a year or less. Those that aimed really high, still have incomes to this day. There're also those who have gone back to day jobs after the easy money dried up and changes in compliance by the main stream traffic providers.

  • Having a long term goal, means planning a year in advance what you intend to achieve. However, you can't have any long term goals without securing the immediate future. They both go hand in hand. Having a long term goal, 2-3 years into the future will set you up comfortable with the car you dreamed of and the home you've always wanted.

  • When making $500 a day profit, that comes to $15,000 a month. That's pretty decent money. However, rather then go all out to spend it, re-invest that money back into new ventures. If that means living on $1500 a month, with no car.. so be it. Save the cash and live like a pauper even though you know your bank account is flushed with cash. In a tight economy, cash is king. When property goes south, you'll be glad to have saved that internet monies and have the ability to invest in valued low priced assets where rent is at least 0.4% of the purchase price.

  • Once you have found success, contribute some of that success to other successful people. Leveraging on others strengths, research, networks, partnerships, you hedge the risk of failure. However, to get into the club of successful people, you need to have something to bring to the table. Short term success allows a foot into that door.

  • Build out your business. As a marketer there're so many ways to diversify. This can range from learning about multiple traffic sources, to branching out into physical products of your own. The permutations are endless. The best part is, as a Professional Marketer, the ball is always in your court because Marketers are the ones that bring in the $$$$.

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Clickbank Top Client in 2011

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Friend asked what it took to be qualified as a "Clickbank Top Client". Honestly, Im not sure exactly but im guessing the minimum is in the $xxx,xxx income range. The niche that I got into with results that qualified for me to be a "Clickbank Top Client" can be found here…


3 Tips When Growing Into A Niche

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

1. Here's how website marketing looks like from my view, when I start.

We 1st start out testing 4 websites.

You'll find that there out of 4 sites, there will one particular niche that you do well in.

Do well means you may not be the best, but you do well because…

  • not many competing products

  • in a country where people have ability to buy online

  • in  country where the language is a barrier for your current competition who thus cannot advertise in your country or find it hard to.

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Global Domains International Question

Friday, March 23rd, 2012
Global Domains International Question
Question: hi sherman, just to check how do earn commision? through? i'm not very sure about how it goes about. Much thanks!

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Using Online Vehicles to Help You Succeed

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

1. CPA networks are cost per action networks. You drive them traffic and they pay you for each successful action taken by the prospect you send.

Niches they are in revolve around Insurance, BizOps, Debt Leads and more.

CPA networks often try to screen of new comers into the online marketing scene. Those good at CPA networks can make as much as $3000 a day, even more.

And thats only as an affiliate. As an advertiser, you can make up to $10,000 a day even.

In CPA networks, the way to make the big $$ is to invest in buying ads, hiring teams, or investing ones own time. To make the big dollars, its always better to leverage on money to make money.

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The #1 Thing You Need For A Marketing Business

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

It still amazes me that many people don't try to build a mailing list. Without a mailing list in a niche, its very hard to keep in contact with people that are looking for information.

It used to be difficult to maintain a database. Now, there are services that you can use for cheap to maintain your mailing list.

How easy is it to make money from a mailing list?

If you're in the fengshui niche, and have a new product that has arrived. Just send out an email with the offer. Your customers will be lining up to buy.

Nerf Guns are the rage in 2010. When new stock comes in, the local department store sends out an email to all their customers to come buy.

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Sherman…Which Good Affiliate Program To Join?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Quick Answer: health niches, cause its recurring sales. actually, there are so many niches, poker, lottery, work from home. i personally like health niches because it also falls in the lucrative 40 to 60 middle age income category.

spending power and have credit cards.

How To Get More Affiliates To Promote Your Product

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Affiliates allow you to earn overiding commission. That means you can get sales without worrying about traffic.

As a good vendor, you need to know how to 1st market and convert your own product.

By knowing how to market, you can test whether your product and sales copy converts.

More importantly, you don't need to rely on affiliate traffic. The less you rely on other sources of traffic, the better and more stable your business will be.

With that said, let s say you already have a good product, tested by your conversion tools.

You can start to leverage on affiliates from Clickbank.

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70 30, 5050, and 30 70 JV Partners… Do Be Careful.

Monday, October 31st, 2011

To find good partners, you always need to test. If you can find one at the gate go, that's great!

Most of the time, you will not successful in finding profitable new partners. You have to plough through 10 partnerships in order to find 1 or 2 you can work well with. Sometimes, a 1st business relationship might require you to take less of the cake… or it may just break even, but trust me, its a good idea to just break even at the start to get something going. Testing the performance of a potential partner and getting something going is worth it.

Once the ice is broken and there is some understanding in how each other works, more business can follow.

Most simple 2 party partnerships are a 30%-70% profit sharing, 50%-50% profit sharing, or a 70%-30% profit sharing.

1. Things that can go wrong in a 30%-70% profit sharing model

In this case, you're taking 30% of the profits. Your JV partner takes 70%. Since the JV partner is taking a larger share, he is required to do more. What can go wrong here, is the partner may decide that since he is doing more, he wants to take 90% or 100% of the profits, especially if the money goes to his bank account 1st. He may wire you a small account then what was agreed, or worst still, not even wire.

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No money to invest, then do MLM..or Start a Niche Blog

Saturday, September 10th, 2011
  • MLM is a great way to make money. Especially if you don't have much capital to invest.

By relying on the efforts of your team, you can rely on the efforts of others to make you money.

Some folks don't like the idea of their upline making money of them, or I often hear folks complain that their upline isn't helping them.

Look, if you want your upline who is probably well off to sit up and notice you, then you must be a successful downliner.

Success attracts success, show that you can perform, and your upline will start to notice you, perhaps do a JV with you someday.

That said, don't rely on someone else to make you rich. Count on your own, find success, learn by observing… DOING and success is around the corner.

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2 Jobs That Allow You To Work From Home.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011
  • The 1st job is to work as a real estate assistant. What this job comprises is to set up meetings and handle phone calls for real estate agents.

The real esate agent will conduct a house viewing and if the sale goes through, you earn a share of the commission.  The pay out would be around 20%.

  • Another good job would be assisting marketing companies send out newsletter or emails. Newsletters help the company stay in touch with their customers.

Whenever you draft and email, you get paid for newsworthy content.

To Your Success!


Adcenter Bans – July 2011

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Seems more and more people are now getting banned by Adcenter, this July 2011. Some have been banned by Facebook, and more have been kicked off the Adwords network.

When it comes to Adcenter bans, most of this issue is coming from the billing department.

One of the worst errors from this department is you can get banned accessing your adcenter account from overseas.

If you're from the States, and you access your adcenter account on vacation in china, or thailand, your account will get flagged and gets banned.

You can call in to support but there is really not much they can do. Adcenter support will simply take your details, but 90% chance you will still get banned by the Adcenter billing department as they don't give advertisers the benefit of the doubt.

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Vietnam Tom – Cashing in on Traffic with videos

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Video marketing is a great way to get traffic. Its free and you can leverage on folks to do remakes to get your content out.

If you haven't heard of it, Vietnam Tom is a video that has been shared on youtube, now making its way to traditonal online media, radio etc.

One easy way right now to make money with Vietnam Tom video is to create a remake of the original Vietnam Tom footage, place a self defence course at the description..

"Whoop Ass like Vietnam Tom" …

If your remake is interesting, it'll go viral, and that's money in your pocket. Here's an example..

Beware of Fraud Charges/Identity Theft On Google Adwords

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

If you're running some huge numbers on Adwords, small charges can slip in from other Parasite adwords accounts. This may go unnoticed until you stop running your adwords campaigns and notice small charges still coming in.

The charges will be around $0.34. $8.20, to $10.

It can go as high as $1000.

You can write in to Adwords to refund the money, but you will still incur a banking surcharge to recover it and its around $3 to $5.00. It will not be covered by Adwords.

This is an issue of identity theft, if you run an online business, 2 things you need.

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