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Adcenter Bans – July 2011

Seems more and more people are now getting banned by Adcenter, this July 2011. Some have been banned by Facebook, and more have been kicked off the Adwords network. When it comes to Adcenter bans, most of this issue is coming from the billing department. One of the worst errors from this department is you can get banned accessing your adcenter account from overseas. If you're from the States, and you access your adcenter account on vacation in china, or thailand, your account will get flagged and gets [...]

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Vietnam Tom – Cashing in on Traffic with videos

Video marketing is a great way to get traffic. Its free and you can leverage on folks to do remakes to get your content out. If you haven't heard of it, Vietnam Tom is a video that has been shared on youtube, now making its way to traditonal online media, radio etc. One easy way right now to make money with Vietnam Tom video is to create a remake of the original Vietnam Tom footage, place a self defence course at the description.. "Whoop Ass like Vietnam Tom" [...]

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Beware of Fraud Charges/Identity Theft On Google Adwords

If you're running some huge numbers on Adwords, small charges can slip in from other Parasite adwords accounts. This may go unnoticed until you stop running your adwords campaigns and notice small charges still coming in. The charges will be around $0.34. $8.20, to $10. It can go as high as $1000. You can write in to Adwords to refund the money, but you will still incur a banking surcharge to recover it and its around $3 to $5.00. It will not be covered by Adwords. This is [...]

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Its a Friday here in Singapore and I’m Going Fishing!

Well not fishing exactly, gonna hop over to Universal Studios (Singapore) and check out the rides, maybe pop into the Marina Sands Casino along the way. Quick unwind after a week of slugging out there with Google and finally sit down to some needed R&R. Random thoughts before I shut the computer down. While Adwords can be mean (and they've been pretty mean to pretty much everyone recently), and almost everybody is jumping ship to making money with plentyoffish, myads, trafficvance, mediatraffic, leadimpact, adbrite etc, and all different [...]

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A Different Kind Of Wealth!

A way to make money online is to go into product marketing. We're looking at ebay, alibaba, places where you can source for products then sell. Most of these products are manufactured in China, where the overhead and cost is low. Many good brands like the apple iphone are made in china also. As a home business entreprenuer, you'll want to be sourcing products from the smaller local factories or from the whole sale centres. I have been in GuangZhou for 1 month already and will share 1st hand [...]

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Thoughts On Whether To Buy Traffic or SEO…

Buying Traffic is good because it offers a perfect litmus test before deciding whether or not to enter a market. With the right traffic souces, you can easily do about $10,000 per month online in your niche, then go into more permanent traffic sources such as blogging, or putting fresh new content on the net. Another good thing about paid traffic is that you can localise your money spent. If you're only targeting customers in a country like Singapore, then producing content for an international audience might not [...]

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3 Factors To Consider Before Building a List To Earn Money Online

You may have heard of the term list building and its usually associated with online wealth. The successful list builders have a good relationship with their subscribers and this list is often responsive to new offers available. For example, some lists that im subscribed to are new playstation 3 games where we can preorder for additional discounts when the dealer brings new titles in.  Here're some of the customer lists you can look to build online. 1. The Mass Consumer lightning list that makes 6 figures a year This kind of list [...]

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Online Marketing Tips

These are the kinda problems the higher then average earners will face. If you're doing $500 to $1000 a day, that's good, then there're some that do $5000 per day, even better then. 1. Accounts Get Banned - There's been a major clean up over at Google Adwords. The life time ban from using the google platform has affected MANY online marketers. It does not only affect those that run the google biz type of ads, those that run poor quality acai ads, funky rebills as an affiliate are also [...]

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Wednesday’s Network Payment Tip

Here are a couple of ways to get paid from the networks, withdraw your cash from your local ATM and spend it on your daily needs. Let's have a look. 1. Paypal Masspay Tip: This mode of payment will have your commissions paid to your paypal account. From your paypal account, you can withdraw your money to your banking account. 2. Check A paper check is sent to your home, where you'll cash in your check and withdraw the cash from your ATM. Tip: The cost to cash in checks [...]

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Google Adwords Quality Score Insights

Imagine a new adwords advertiser with a keyword quality score of 7 after loading up a campaign while your ad has a similar keyword quality score of 7 as well. If the advertiser's ad is new, his domain is new, Adwords will charge him $1.67. If you have good adwords account history, you'll only need to pay just $0.43. So if you' come across an advertiser that's supposedly paying for premium position for a premium keyword, don't assume he's paying $2.00 a click. You and I as new comers wanting to advertise for that premium keyword may have to pay that [...]

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Thursday’s Pay Per Click Marketing Tips

Before we begin: If terms like negative matching, acronyms like PPC and long tail keywords sound alien, do set yourself up with this step-by-step course 1st >> Lets dive in... Question: How much should we set aside to see good profits in Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing? Rule of thumb, if you plan to bid on 1000 keywords, you will want to set aside a budget of around $1000 and 7 days to test and get data. Having many keywords or even long tail keywords may seem profitable, however, the truth [...]

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5 Step Affiliate Article Marketing Formula

Objective: Identify a problem then identify a product that solves that problem. 1. To look for problems, visit these sites: -Yahoo Answers -Wiki Answers -Forums where people hang out. Read what they're "unhappy" about. 2. Bear in mind what people need, then write an article with a problem solving approach. The article must have a SEO headline. An SEO headline is usually the "problem phrase" Think of what you want to sell. If you want to Anti Dustmite bed pillows, the article could go like this. -----Example--- Title: Asthma [...]

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Ad Crafting In Pay Per Click Marketing..

A good Pay Per Click Marketing ad can give us quality instant traffic and immense Profits. Google Adwords gives us  4 lines to make an impact on an audience going through the search engines. When crafting ads, the rule of thumb is that we want to include the keyword in the Adwords Ad. This allows the Ad to be bolded which is supposed to capture the audiences attention. However... Issues arise when 9 other ads in the sponsored search do the same. When that happens, the method becomes diluted and this technique in fact [...]

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Staying Safe As An Affiliate

Affiliate networks terms and conditions vary from network to network. What is permissible on one network may not be allowed on another. Some networks allow you to get away with minor repercussions, others will simply close your account. The stricter Publisher terms include: 1. The Use of Non-Publisher Owned Web Properties/Sites/Pages to Promote Advertisers. Other than paid search, publishers may only promote advertisers on Web pages/sites/properties that they, themselves, own or operate. Publishers may not place affiliate links/tracking code, nor promote Web sites that contain affiliate links/tracking code, [...]

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Google Slaps.

Ever had a profitable PPC campaign that was suddenly slapped with $15 bids? This could be Google's manual review team taking a look at your site and deciding its a thin affiliate site. Even though the site may be full of content, it can still risk a chance of getting slapped. Here're some things you might want to take note off before building a PPC campaign, so you can avoid the same penalty. - Google prefers the main information to be given freely. Try not to force folks to give you opt ins before giving out information. [...]

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Google Cash Detective Review

Remember the days of copying your best friends tutorials in school and college and getting As and Bs, that's what Google Cash Detective helps you do. At this very minute, there're millions of little direct linking campaigns going on all over the internet, and Google Cash Detective was made to uncover these campaigns. By the way, 2 essential mentions about this tool before you decide to grab the Google Cash Detective discount from here. -This tool does cost more then its competitors, but it helps to pay a [...]

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Spytools For PPC Marketing

What are PPC spy tools? These are basically tools that allow you to understand what keywords and ads others are bidding on so that you can make an informed decision whether or not a PPC campaign is profitable. Are PPC spy tools worth investing in? Most of the spy tools found in the market I don't use because while some take 30 days to give you results, others crawl keywords and ads that don't give you real time results. By the time you enter the market, the competitor [...]

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PPC Classroom 2.0 – FAQ

1. Do I need PPC Classroom to do well in PPC? To learn PPC on your own requires investment. For the "1st trial and error" phase, you'll need to put down $2000, and test things out. Go through Adwords's guides and be sure to track what keywords don't lead to sales, as well as which negative keywords to include in your campaigns. 2. Is PPC Classroom 2.0 a scam? PPC Classroom 2.0 is not a scam. Amit knows his work. The tricky part of PPC Classroom 2.0 comes [...]

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PPC Classroom – Live Coaching Bonus…

Hey yo, PPC Classroom is opening its doors again to a new batch of students. This time I'm going to offer something extra special just for you. Anyone that clicks on this link, purchases then sends the receipt to "sherman dot choo at gmail.com" will receive 45mins live one-on-one coaching bonus (worth $797). I'll show you shortcuts to PPC, and some PPC tricks not featured in the course. $7K++ PPC Classroom Salary *LIVE Coaching* Bonus Here's what you'll get: Live PPC Tweaking Of A New Google Adwords Account [...]

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