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Questions about Adwords…from Tracking 202 forum

1. Should I have one massive keyword list and lots of ad variations to start and then group the keywords and ads to be more relevant? Massive Keyword List: Yes, as massive as possible to discover "funky" keywords that others don't bid for. Fine tune this list over the period of 1 week to a month. Group the Keywords: Yes, group them if possible, know however that sometimes, I just dump keywords together and group later. Ad Variations: Not necessary. You probably read in books of how you [...]

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Should I Bid $0.80 – $1.50 PPC Bids?

Bidding $1.50 for keywords generally is not a good idea, for the simple reason that you can lose $50 in less then 2 hours. Some folks suggest bidding high then bringing the bids down and it can be exciting to check your ad displaying on the 1st page of Google. However, it can be very hard to sustain the top spot in Google because unless your sales process is fully tweaked for maximum conversions, its a sure way to lose money quickly. If we're making $10,000 but spending [...]

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Pay Per Click Marketing – How To Write Good Ads

If your Ad is good, your CTR will be high. There will be a good number of clicks on your Ad, and Google will show your Ad more often , often for cheaper clicks. However, because this requires a gestation period, its not possible to have your ad showing on the front page of Google without building up some account history. Just like in MLM, its good to be the 1st one in. If you're advertising a certain keyword that is highly lucrative, then being the 1st to [...]

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Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing – 2nd Tiered Networks & Banners

I'll say upfront that i'm not really a fan of 2nd Tiered Networks. The reason for this is I've ever tested up to $600 on 2 different lower tiered PPC networks and the traffic from these sources are not high converting. The second of traffic that you want to be careful of are Banner traffic. This is CPM which means you're charged per 1000 impressions of your banner shown. If you want your banner ad to be shown on top of others, you will need to pay more [...]

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Natalie Wanted To Be A Professional Golfer…

I was following the Lexus Cup 2008 at the Singapore Island Country Club. Big names included Se Ri Part, Annika Sorenstam, Natalie Gulbis, and Paula Creamer. Many people see the glam side of things, yet behind success, there's always sacrifice, dedication and dreams. Here's a video of Natalie describing her daily routine.   Natalie was willing to dream big and invest time, money, effort to do whatever it takes to reach that level of success in her life. I think its no different in internet marketing or anything [...]

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Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing – ROI & PPC Networks

Making money online with pay per click marketing is a skill that takes time and practice to learn. Seed money needs to be put in in order to learn the ropes of this business. Pay per click marketing involves being versed in a couple of things, including tool usage, pivot tables in Excel to track ROI, tracking of keywords that convert, and design of good landing pages. Let's look at 2 quick PPC tips.   1. Pay Per Click Engines. The 3 main pay per click engines are [...]

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6 Figure Yearly Internet Business Platform

--------------------------------------------- Internet Business Platform: An Internet Business Platform is an e-commerce platform where one handles transactions, cash out checks and sell products to earn $10,000+ monthly. -------------------------------------------- Quick Blog Post today. (Offer Valid November 24th - December 24th 2008) For the next 30 days, we're offering a turn key Internet Business Platform (value $15,000) for individuals that want a proven 6 figure yearly business model they can work from home with. This same system has helped a 24 year old college graduate purchase his own condo last year. [...]

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PPC Classroom 2.0: Breadth On Keywords, The Magic Pill?

This was with regards to PPC Classroom mentioning going “breadth on keywords.” Hi Amit and Anik, KeyCompete offers many keywords. The thing is, even if we bought all these keywords, we need to optimize a PPC campaign such that the bids are below $0.15 for ALL the keywords. Otherwise, these keyword can't be effectively used, without building 300 over different landing pages for 300 keyword. I've seen some token PPC software that dynamically insert keywords into the landing pages. These methods don't work. The bids are still around [...]

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The 2% Rule In Pay Per Click Marketing

Aim for the 2% conversion rule. At the start, promote a product that has $50 commission. Most are around $20 to $33. But for safety sake, I’d recommend starting PPC for products that offers $50 commission. Offers that convert well and have high commissions are often secret so you’ll need to put in effort to search for one. The numbers generally look like this. You need 4000 views to get 80 Sales, which is $4000 revenue. Cost for advertising is $0.06 per click x 4000 hits = $240, [...]

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PPC Classroom 2.0 Question…

In PPC Classroom, Amit mentioned Key Compete was a good tool for Keyword Research. I posed them a question. “Hi Amit and Anik, KeyCompete offers many keywords. The thing is, even if we bought all these keywords, we need to optimise a PPC campaign such that the bids are below $0.15 for ALL the keywords. Otherwise, these keywords can't be effectively used, without building 300 over different landing pages for 300 keyword. I've seen some token PPC software that dynamically insert keywords into the landing pages. These methods [...]

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PPC Classroom has been a mega success.

If you haven’t got into PPC Classroom 2.0, you’re missing out on a ton of bonuses truly worth alot of money. The bonuses individually sold have a combined value of at least $5000. My favorite one is actually Speed PPC, and that is sold for $497. In fact, if you secure your spot in PPC Classroom 2.0, you will be getting this piece of software for $77. In essence, even if you don’t want the course, you will want to get this software at the mega discount. Get [...]

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PPC Classroom 2.0 By Amit and Anik

PPC Classroom 2.0 by Amit, the $2.4million dollar Physics guy who "worked" at MIT. They are giving a ton of PPC tips away for free and over delivered on these resources so as to assure you that you can absolutely put your faith in them. Even if you don't take their course, the free tips alone are worth getting. A New Age Folks like Amit are ushering in a new age of Internet Marketing coaches. What sets Amit apart from many who teach the subject of Internet or [...]

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Best Affiliate Program

Short report of the best affiliate program and how to make it a runaway passive income success. Just giving this away has done well for me. Be sure to grab your copy and distribute it to your list and blogs! Click Here To Download Your Copy, Get One And Give It Out, Its Doing Great For Me!

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Global Domains International Is Great!

I think of many affiliate programs online, GDI or Global Domains International has a fantastic affiliate program. There is nothing on the internet that is as low risk, as easy, and high reward paying as GDI. And you can market this business online as well as offline. Offline folks, offline Network Marketers who aren't very savvy to Internet Marketing love this program because it solves many problems they have. No selling No phone calls No meeting up No asking people to go down No inventory Make money even [...]

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Clickbank – Listening to Affiliate Concerns…!

Clickbank now issues weekly checks. (Never seen a Clickbank check? Visit here) It used to be bi monthly, meaning every 2 weeks you would receive a check. Issue with this is that after receiving your check (takes a week), you'll probably have to wait another week or so for the check to clear. So that's around 4 weeks of waiting time before the money shows up in your bank account. Clickbank now has shortened this waiting period to 1 week, so you can start cashing in your affiliate [...]

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Web 2.0 Marketing

Web 2.0 marketing is a style of sharing and marketing that allows you to leverage on social networks to let others know of your services. For example, if a new hip night club is having a special promotion, simply by leveraging of word of mouth advertising and social networks, you can get a huge amount of traffic, referrals and customers! Here's how you can leverage of web 2.0 marketing 1. Friendster updates When an individual blogs or updates their details, all his or her contacts are updated. This [...]

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New York New York, Or China China, You Decide!

Brits Get Rich In China, If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere...The Wild Wild East...Enjoy! Sherman PS: Riches and glory for entreprenuers in China, but then why risk $1,000,000s when we can risk 0.1% of the cost with an internet business and reap 10000% profits? Have you reaped the profits of ARTICLE MARKETING in Mandarin yet :)            

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